are you a good growler?


How's that?

Vocally, any attempt at a growl by me would sound like I'm sick.
I don't know if my growling sounds like shit or just bad, but at least last weekend I was able to growl through some Opeth and our song "Pellucid Lake" for over two-three hours straight with some clean vocals in between without breaking anything or even having a slightest ache in my throat (and no coughing).

Maybe if I could nurture my sound into some direction, with good recording equipment, EQing and some effects (such as a slight reverb) it might sound ok. :) Gotta try that some day.
Meow grrrrr, I will never stop! It feels so good! a tiger! No, I am not a good growler!
I guess i'm the only one... yea my friend derek told me that i have gotten as low as nile vocals sometimes...... im surprised nobody else can do it??? We'll I use it in my band... and im a singer... but theres nobody else?
I guess I must be pretty good at it, I practice a lot, anyway, which gets me a lot of funny looks. It's a shame that most American death metal bands wish they were Suffocation, otherwise I'd probably try and growl for a band.
Well I don't think anybody is able to growl the first time they try. It takes alot of practice to build your voice up. I must not practice enough because it just makes my cough.

And for some reason I can't seem to enjoy female growling.
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Are there any bands out there that have female growly vox? :D

I saw this German death metal band at Wacken called Holy Moses, I'd never heard of them before, but they were fuckin great. I didn't really realize they had a female growling until about the third song or so, I was kinda far back and it was hard to see, but it absolutely shocked me, she had a really powerful roar.
I can growl like Tomi from Amorphis did (I practise that since 1996!) and Thomas AG Jensen from Saturnus very well and I can do lots of frosty-blackmetal-screaming as well like on Empyrium's 'A Wintersunset...' & 'Songs of Moors & Misty Fields'.
I tried Brave Murder Day tupe of screaming, but I find it very hard for me voice.

You will probably say to me to fuck off now, but I use clean vocals rather than roars and people said my voice reminds of Fernando(Moonspell), Mikael(you know who, and the singing from Morningrise) and Marcus(Empyrium)....