who was the better bassists for opeth?

  • johan defarfalla

    Votes: 6 31.6%
  • martin mendez

    Votes: 13 68.4%

  • Total voters
martin is obviously as good as johan, cuz he gots to play his shit live too. if you listen close to a lot of martin's playing on the albums, it also very intricate and highly skilled, jus not so blatant. plus, doesn't he sing harmony? they are equal yet totally different in my book (on news stands everywhere aug. 5. look for the paperback sometime next fall).
I liked the solo bass thing. It was very unique in metal. Now that it's gone, it's like one feather less in Opeth's hat. But I voted for Mendez, cause there is no doubt he could do the same if he wanted, and if Mikael just let him :D

To be accurate, I didn't like the solo bass SOUND, I surely liked the way Johan played, but his bass sound on Morningrise was a bit too...hmm...well it was kinda separated from the other instruments or something.

But they both can thumb, and now that Mendez does it also (on Blackwater Park), everything's OK! The bass HAS to be thumbed. The bass likes it.
The opinions expressed on this reply is entirely mine and ONLY mine. :D

As far as i'm concerned, Johan is better. Not way better, but just a tad bit and he has a better style. And since Mikeal is the 'leader' of the band, because i think thats what he wants to be in a way, well he put the bass way back in the mix on MAYH and Still Life. Hmmmm that's disapointing for a bassist like me.
So yeah, Johan did the solos, we could hear them and it was better like that. He is a great inspiration for me so i guess he was the better bassist. Enough of me whining :D