Best Brazilian band I've heard


Apr 12, 2008
Hangar-The Reason of Your Conviction

This sounds, to me, like it would be right up the alley of many folks around this board. That's all I'm going to say because so many take issue with the comparisons that others hear with bands. I could certainly see this playing out live on the PP stage one day and I think it would go down a treat here because I like it but I don't love it. And if I don't "love" it, others here usually do. Check out the track "Hastiness" if you can! :cool:
Ya I really like Hangar. I found them out by clicking through Angra's myspace friends. I really like this album, but the earlier stuff I've heard from this just lacks that real crunch that gives good metal its edge over typical junk.

I love Brazilian bands, just another reason that I've learned Portuguese. In my culture class, I gave a presentation on Brazilian metal bands... and I'd have to say these are my faves.

1. Angra
2. Mindflow
3. Khallice
4. Shaaman
5. Hangar
I just finally got my copy of Hangar's Reason of Your Conviction and it's absolutely amazing. One of the best albums of the year for sure!!!

Highly recommended for any prog/power metal fan!

I'm with you bro, no debate can be made on this one in my mind. Arise alone puts them in the discussion with Master of Puppets, Reign in Blood, and a handful of others for greatest thrash albums of all time. Add to that Beneath the Remains and Chaos AD and there is no contest. The other bands listed range from fair to very good, but Sepultura is way out in front of the rest.