Bloodbath Equipment?

I know they used the legendary BOSS heavy metal pedal (NOT metalzone!) for distortion, and on NMF they used Marshall amps. On RTC I think it was digital for the guitars, although I might be wrong there.
Tumn said:
Boss HM-2 pedal + Marshall tube amp = RTC sound

Damn straight :headbang:

Thanks to the poster of this thread....sent a reminder to me that I need to pick up one of those pedals on e-bay or something!
Tumn said:
That's what Dan himself told me to use for the RTC sound.

what he meant was that Boss HM-2 pedal + Marshall tube amp are the incredients for the Sunlight studio/Entombed 'Left Hand Path' sound in general...and for RTC we used a digital setup (HM-2 + digital (pre)amps and freefilter) copying that. on NMF we used the real deal old school rig. we'll continue to rip off that sound as long as the blood flows because its the ultimate DEATH METAL sound invented... :headbang:
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Dan Swanö said:
the guitartone we had in mind was the audio version of terror, blood, guts and gore...and we nailed it...with an added chainsaw gut fuck!!!

Now that sentence is what I call metal! :headbang:

btw. I got a HM-2 at ebay a few days ago. Must arrive any day...
the Japan made should have a better capacitor.
but i don't know the difference too,anyone tried both?

Unicorn said:
Mine is Taiwan made. I heard there is a difference in sound. First they were manufactured in Japan and later in Taiwan.
I don't know if the difference is really that big.
I read somewhere that the japanese components have very, very good quality, NASA quality :), and thus doesnt give any static sound. This was regarding another pedal though but i guess its the same with all equipment.