Bloodbath Equipment?

I dont have the pedal as of yet, but I do have a marshall tube amp. I remember hearing someone awhile back that you are supposed to layer the distortion of the amp with the that true? Because if I do that with any of the pedals I have I gets extra noise when I am not even playing anything.

i always have that problem even with just a tube screamer. as far as i know though, every amp makes noise if you have it cranked up when you're not playing

btw. guy from Death Breath send me email that Entombed- left hand path was recorded on...peavey bandit 112....
What price does the HM-2 pedals usually land on on an auction on ebay?

I'm pretty young and I need to know how much money I need to save and/or steal from my parents :heh:
what he meant was that Boss HM-2 pedal + Marshall tube amp are the incredients for the Sunlight studio/Entombed 'Left Hand Path' sound in general...and for RTC we used a digital setup (HM-2 + digital (pre)amps and freefilter) copying that. on NMF we used the real deal old school rig. we'll continue to rip off that sound as long as the blood flows because its the ultimate DEATH METAL sound invented... :headbang:

Stage sound was different for the Party.San gig, though. Or was it just my earplugs? :)
It's a secret piece of magick. People stare at it and it drains their life energy, feeding me - so I may become Immortal! :lol:

HAHAHA :headbang:

It's funny as hell but I still love Immortal and Black Metal (I, Watain, Glorior Belli, Gorgoroth, Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon, etc).

At the concerts Abbath looks like a crab walking laterally.
Seen the new Watain shirts and picture LPs? My wallet won't be happy - and I still need either Protools or Ableton Live 7.... :rolleyes:

I don't know if this has been answered already, but I couldn't find the answer using the search: what equipment (amps) was used to get the guitar tone on TFM? I really like that sound, especially the seperately played low string sounds vicious.