bloodbath=no ass?!

The Greys said:
I was leaning on a railing on a walk away, a group of hot chicks decided to walk down the dirt hill part. Instead of walking past me going down the stairs.

My face is shit, now I just want a chick to kill me leaving my corpse dead and bleeding in an apartment complex. My one desire is to be eaten, the longer I live the more I'm dying to feel the pain.

I need to get strung out since no chick is going to fulfill my one and only desire. I could be wrong though
what the hell.
metalskater7 said:
Actually they all work in a college radio knowing bands is part of their job, and i don't know where the fuck you've been but bloodbath has gotten excessivly popular since tagtgren left.

Wait I missed that. When did Tagtgren leave????
looking like me = no ass.

I'm thinking you can do better than 2 superficial chicks who are scared really easily...
'Nightmares Made Flesh' sounds amazing on my stereo system. I'm sure if a hot chick was in the house she'd get really horny and pull my wang.