Bullet belt + T Shirt problem


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Feb 4, 2017
So i have a question in regards to bullet belts.... It may sound stupid but its something thats in my head for a while.

I want to buy a bullet belt, but my t shirts are long... S size is too small for me but M fits me good, but its too long so if I tuck in my t shirt in a part of the print get under my pants... thats why i dont tuck my t shirts in. So, the only way to wear a bullet belt for me would be to put in on the shirt.... But i dont know if anyone even wears it that way, i only seen women wear it this way.

I know this sounds stupid but i really want to buy a bullet belt and i dont want to regret it.

So...... do any of you wear your bullet belts on top of a T-shirt ?
I believe there are advocates of tucking the t-shirts in, right here on the forum, am I right @Master_Yoda77 ?

But you need to grow a beer belly so the print stretches out nicely.
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The bullet belt should sit lower than your normal belt anyway. It’s there to show how super badass you are, not to hold your pants up to your armpits.
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I've never worn a bullet belt... Should I not consider myself a metalhead?

I also heard they are uncomfy as fuck. Can someone confirm that?
To be honest, this is the literal definition of poseurdom.

That would make sense if what he said was "Looking fucking cool is far more important than actually knowing shit about metal." Looking metal doesn't make you more metal on the inside, it just makes you more stylish, which is worthwhile in its own right.
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