CanadianMetal.Com Top 10 Metal Albums Poll

Oct 28, 2005
Hails!! \m/
Check it out. It's an official CanadianMetal.Com Metal Albums poll, and the data gathered will make a overall Canadian Toplist, that will be tabulated from the submissions of everyone who votes on their Top 10 Canadian Metal Albums of 2005! Your 1st will get ten points, your 10th will get one. At the end of 'er we'll send it off to metal news agencies and other mainstream medias, and tell them how it is...
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Woods of Ypres - Pursuit of the Sun & Allure of the Earth

Full-length, Krankenhaus Records
August 14th, 2004

Not even close. :Spin:
Ouch, I was dead wrong. Buuuuut, doesn't change the fact that the album still kicks ass. Man, I haven't realized that I've been listening to them for that long, lol.