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Man have you done it this time! Sounds great man, much better now :) This one the vocalists can use when doing their bit :) Just one thing, I think Meds melody guitar can be lowered just slightly when it comes in at 2.32 up to about 3.02. After that the balance is great as it is :) I hope I can send you the tapping soon...:)
Listening to it again, Im not sure about that medsys melody guitar, maybee it`s cool as it is, I dont know. The intro solo could maybee be a bit louder though, or maybee its alright too, dont know about that either he he :loco: My hanging notes at 3.11- 3.13 and 3.21- 3.23 could perhaps be faded a bit in the end so to fit Medsys notes at thoose parts in lenght. Ok, thats all :)
My post got lost. Drat.

..anyway...retyping...I listened to the mix a couple dozen times. Here are my opinions on how to make this good mix better.

a. I'm getting minor clipping on sections..and I think I know the cluprit. Somehow you need to separate the bass and bass drum. They occupy the same frequency range right now, and as a result, the bass drum is clipping the track. This is very noticable on sections where you pump quarter notes on the bass the section starting at 2:32. I guess you could always lower the bass drum a bit if its on a separate track. I would hesitate to do that as I think the overall drum level (except bass drum)is a tad low.

b. I think bass needs more reverb. In contrast to the guitars, its very dry.

c. Guitar melody levels a bit too loud overall....and adde is right..medsy uses a lot of mids in his tone so it 'sticks out' more. I'd turn it down a bit. Or EQ Adde's tone to incorporate more mids.

d. The intro clean guitar is WAY too in your face. Its much better once the main guitar line comes in. Perhaps you could add chorus to 'soften' it some...or even better, clone the track and offset it by a milisecond...and halve the volumes.

e. Where is the guitar solo! I was looking forward to hearing that! =(

This is sounding real good guys. I'm jealous! =)
Hi guys! Yeah I agree with Rabies on that clipping thing, it does clip a bit on this mix but it`s way better than the last one. The intro guitar is a bit loud but I dont think you should lower it by as much as half. We decided to leave the guitar solo out.......... he he no, it should be in MM`s mailbox by now, have you checked it MM? The harmonies I think is cool generally volumwise, dont lower em much :)

Regrading the 'half' statement. I don't mean keep it the way it is and reduce the volume by half. I meant for him to try to double track it (effectively doubling the volume), offset the clone track by a bit and lower volume on both by half. This is a neat way of 'softening' a track..and adding a kinda delay/chorus effect.
Ok, no prob, I figured that you meant something like that, Im just not good with all that technical talk I guess, just wanted to let MM know that it`s not way out there volumewise :) Thanx for making good comments by the way :)
Ill just trust everyones judgements here and wait for the FINAL kareoke mix...saves everyone emailing me every working mix that gets done.....

The mixes i have already sound i have a rough idea how this baby will eventually sound......

Once soon as the final is done....ill ask someone to email it me.....

ok, well. i posted a reply to this one yesterday but i guess it got lost on the way.

I took everyone's comments and re mixed.

The bass has a bit of verb, i think it helped with the cliping at the end.

Meds got lowered just a tad to even it out.

the intro riff from Ad also got lowerd and eq'd a bit.

lowered the over all git vol

added Ad's solo

remastered and up on myplay for your listening enjoyment


Guitar and levels across the board are perfecto.

Its sounds like the intro 'clean' guitar is louder and more in your face than ever. Did you really lower it? This is just my thoughts/taste though. If Meds and Adde like it that way, well.. thats fine by me! :)

I know I am overly sensitive to clipping (using only headphones to mix), but its still clipping. Its the bass drum. On my headphones you can hear static pretty much everytime the bass drum hits. It is better than before, only annoying clip sounds the bass changes you made helped. Can you EQ the bottom end on the drum track down some? I can't hear the clipping at all on my open computer speakers.

Adde: Nice one mate!

Damn Adde and Meds! How come you guys got such nice complimentary tones (both clean and dist) on this tune and not on To Tame a Land?! Or is it just my poort mixing skills that gave me such a headache on Tame?
Yeah, cool Mix MM, its getting there... :)

The intro guitar I think could be lowered slightly but not too much

The clipping is almost gone, as Rabs said, it can almost only be heard with head phones and I also think its the pedal work of the drums that`s making the clipping

Peeww, that tapping thing worked out ok, I was really worried a while when practicing on it, I didnt wanna make a fool out of myself in front of the guilders:D :loco:

Yeah, I guess this is a sort of revenge for me and Meds cuz of the poor work on Tame, even it was all your fault Rabs....he he no, me and Meds had bad recording days back then I guess, dont know how to explain it, maybee we didnt practice on the song enough to get it right, maybee we can record it again soon, how about that Meds, and Rabs as the mixer?

I`ll mail you this mix Meds, so you can make some comments :)

I think this one sound great! Killer thumpin kick drum!!
Great mix!

....bass??? Constantine....are you following along with the drums during the part where the drums are doing the fast rolls on the snare, 'cause if you are, you've got some blazing fast fingers!!!!:)

I'm only going to nit-pick a little....some of the solo bends are a little off....overall though... I think I'll just shut my yap and listen to it again!!!

Great job!!!:)
WOW...i concur....... i coulnt pick any faults at all...... i am truly content with this as a mix.....

WELL DONE MM..... drilled it dude.........

If anything yeah lower the intro slightly...and thats it.....!!!

HYDE : Yeah those harmony bends were quite tricky....i opted not to bend them and in fact just slide them up to pitch...... the bending was quite difficult with the positioning and playing it at speed didnt help...... :)

ADDE : WELL DONE DUDE..... we kicked its farkin ass....!!! Your solo tapping fitted nicely..... Thanx for the email as well.....ill be keeping this mix in me finished folder thats for sure......As for tame..... yeah well i have no more projects so i might just re-record it if i get a motivation spurge......

Ok singers..... all up to you guys...!
You`re right Hyde I think about some of the bends, a few of mine around 3.08-3.12 I`m not to happy about, really glad that you poited it out, I`ll try to re record that small part, I think I have the settings om my EQ saved so I should be able to get the same sound so dont worry MM ;) :D

Yeah it`s ready for the singers now...Paul where are you now when we have finally done this tune you have been screaming for!?!? :) :) :loco:
hey kids, thanks for all the cool comments. this has been one hell of a mix.
I will re mix with the intro lowered slightley, then this bitch is in the bag!

whats next, i forget what I'm up to mix next. Is it Murders?
Rabs plese advise.:)

I took murders from ya. Sorry mate...mostly because I had to make mods to the bass line to make it all fit. On your plate mixing wise should be:
I want out
Number of beast
Wasting love
Total Eclipse.

..and I feel I am missing something