Feeling like the nasty one...


Apr 20, 2001
well I get bored beeing everywere around the internet i'm not nice to some people. (or it's hard to be)
I dont talk to anyone (but I have to sometimes) not even my friends...
I bitched hardly with a girl she fancies my bf! Duh! She doesnt even stop to mention about him at every single chance and when been asked if hse is in love with him...

"Him? He looks like mess" aaah! A typical answer for someone tries to hide her feelings! Fucking hypocretic! :(

And if I become bitch again i'll start being the nasty one!

I dont even have I feel the need to check around this bb... I'm sorry guys!

And I never goship or chillchating around... Sometimes i just wanna destroy...
Originally posted by Eclipse
i can't make anything out of it, sunshine:cool:

Nah! sure you can't! I just feel pissed of and that i became nasty to some people...

Well some of them deserved that tho, like that bitch i've mentioned... some other dont...

Besides it's been too long since you last emailed me and didnt reply back...
Originally posted by Slash Freeman

Don't worry about it, Angel. Everyone has bad days. it's happened to me too often! I'm bitchy to people when they don't deserve it every now and then too.

yes... that's true!

But maybe that's because I'm very busy lately at uni... And I feel a bit stressed. I'm in my last year... And I havent figured out what to do!

Besides a girl pisses me off sometimes. As I said she tries to stick to my bf... And I feel like I want to take a sculp from someone sometimes!:err: :mad:

Well I feel a bit better today! But I still dont talk to people....:err: