Flame NoLordy, he begs you!

Is NoLordy pissing everyone off?

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Captain Beard

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Sep 6, 2001
NoLordy LOVES it when people get mad at him, it makes me want to laugh so much it hurts. :lol:
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Actually, I practice one of Nevermore's songs
(Believe in Nothing)
I don't believe there is no God, I KNOW there isn't.
I also don't buy the evolution story completely, there are still holes to be filled.
Another thing, Dieties are a human design.
We created them to look smarter than we were, becuase everyone was stupid back then, and Dr. Suess' great (^70) grandfather invented both Fictional Nonsense and Religion to look smart. And it worked, until everyone ELSE became smart as well, and some of us saw that it was a sham. We were called witches or heretics and burned... And the want to do it again
Hmmm.... Pat Buchanan = Osama Bin Laden in a costume? Maybe...:bah:
The nevermore baord is supposed to be a huge kegger party, so laugh it up kids, i'm here to make life more interesting :)
Here's a little bedtime reading, kiddies!
In the future, know what a word means before you define it :)


One of the reasons I'm into metal, indeed is that it's one of the few genres that is mostly openly atheist(with the exception, of course of Christian metal bands, and the few that actually worship Satan, which in my book is the same exact thing as worshipping God).

Yes, there are Christian metal bands...would I put them on my hard drive, or into my stereo? No.

Ahhh, NoLordy, you mischievious bastard :)
NoLordy- you say you don't believe in anything... well isnt that a belief in nothing hahahaha, it is like a contradiction staring you in your face and I love it... You say you believe there is no god...that is also a belief... so what do you believe... I believe in my religion which is called LSDphilosophy hahahaha, take some acid and welcome to my world hahahaha, mushrooms work well too. You are a God I am God we are all God or as zanex would say we are all dogs, hey zanex, we have the power to create, and no not only life, but an infinite amount of possibilities, open up your mind and don't set it to one side hahaha, and stick out your tongue, here comes the key to the universe
Ahhh, dear child of NoGod, one does not to have a belief to believe in nothing. They don't believe there is nothing, they just "don't."
Originally posted by NoLordy Capone
Ahhh, dear child of NoGod, one does not to have a belief to believe in nothing. They don't believe there is nothing, they just "don't."

I don't believe there is no god, I also don't believe that there is a god, that of course is in the existence of a supreme ruler or being... like you can read in my last post I believe we are all gods and goddesses (to the ladies on this board). "They don't believe there is nothing" is what you said -Well that's good you don't believe in nothing, you just contradicted yourself... do you need to reword... can't we just accept that it just is... I believe, hahaha, that a belief in nothing is a belief... to expect or to suppose is a belief.
LSDman, that's exactly what i was sayin.

She BELEIVES that there is no god/She DISBELEIVES there is a god.

Beleif doesn't just refer to religion, only so if you wish it to. You're 'definition' of Atheism is just a dictionary term. Do you take the word as it is in essence? or do you actually live the word? A religion is just a title, a title. that is it, no more. Your BELEIF can be your religion, as can your RELIGION can be your beleif. So all three terms are meaningless.

You have given your 'beleif' NoLordy Capone, a title. Being athiesm. You beleive that there is no god/You don't beleive there is a god. (either way, a technicality is all). In giving your 'Beleif' a title, you have pinned it with a title, meaning it is religion, and therefore, you beleive in SOMETHING.

-Also, religion wasn't created to make us look smarter. If you had any brains, you would have thought about it before you said that.

'Religion' is what the egyptians used to give their slaves hope. As in "hey, work for us, do good, and there will be an afterlife". So before you start spewing out that you know the answers to everything, realise that the answers cannot be found in the writing of others (or in the 'title' you have pinned your beleif with). Your words are empty (note the Schuldiner reference... oh sorry, you are not here for the music, you are here because of your 'Athiest [snigger] beleif, hence the fact that you don't know who he is. my mistake)
I like you, you can actually argue :)
I'm here more for humor then Atheistic Value arguments, so I'll let you win for now.
It saddens me that you must give everything a title, as then you begin to think like other 'athiests [snigger, snigger] out there.

Think for yourself.
Trapped you sure do like your Death don't you...Symbolic I say... NoLordy Capone you give up to easily... if you really believed in something so much you would fight for it... Your convictions lack definition and form I might add... thanks WD
I apologize, if I was unclear, but I intended to point out the error of an earlier post, in which another board member claimed that NLC wasn't an atheist. So, yes, it was a dictionary definition, and just that.

I appreciate the *competent* arguments made. It shows that some people have independent minds after all.
I may have been too broad in my arguments.
I am rather impressed that a few competent minds stood up against me, it seems everyone I know is naive, or just won't argue anything. I'm not here to argue religion, i'm here to give everyone a hard time. Pick a topic for me to take advantage of, I'll mindfuck the rest of the board with it :)
He he. Competant minds.
Lsd, and Trapped. thats all.


You must learn to think before you speak, because i you don't, i'm gunna be there every single time to shoot you down.
And anyway, if you don't beleive in anything, as you say, how can we be standing up to you? Should we really be having this discussion

So many questions, so few answers.
Originally posted by NoLordy Capone
NoLordy LOVES it when people get mad at him, it makes me want to laugh so much it hurts. :lol:
Post comments and take my poll too :)

sorry but i cant get mad bout u so there´ll be no demand for laughin for u to do ...
therefore i for sure prevented u getting hurt *grin* ... me good person!!!

anyway - stupid thread u loony