For the Americans, a question

To the last 3 posts, what could I get in those respective areas for $400K?

I don't really know what you could find for $400K around SF. I'm sure it could be done, but somebody with more knowledge of that area would have to help you on that. I just can't understand how somebody would ever regret living in that area.
People are moving here from California where a crappy ranch is $400,000 and using their equity to pay for high-end condos. Jerks. Meanwhile, I moved here from Buttfuck, Ohio and had to work my way up from nothing.
I apologize in advance for jumping off the linear path of discussion here. But today I went through what I would like to call the "Angelino Experience". Holy good God almighty, they are free at last, good God almighty they are free at last! This last sentence needs to be appropriately punctuated with a grimace.

Today as you all know, I was scheduled to appear in court for a minor traffic violation. After driving around lost for a better part of an hour, as I unwisely decided to take the freeway as opposed to surface streets, I wound up in South Central Los Angeles, nestled in a crevasse between Inglewood and South Gate. It was a testament to my new found tolerance that I remained as calm as Necromunchkin sneaking out of a married woman's window. Negars paraded the streets in a sea of slave-laden latency. Without a whip to crack their back, there was no desire to form a single file line outside the “Department of Work Assistance for Minority Aid”.

After several minutes of being drilled in the face by this apocalyptic horror that stood before my eyes, I pulled in to a McDonalds to ask directions to the Los Angeles Municipal Court House. I was sure that I wouldn't have a problem finding a dozen or so dunghutters who knew the exact address. To my astonishment, I came to meet a lovely African American woman who seemed to be in the territory doing some sort of missionary work, for no other explanation would be sound. She told me to head north to the inner city… and so I did.

I arrive to the court building at 0830hrs, to which I see a line 3 city blocks long wrapped around the foundation of the eight story structure. It was at the end, iwhere I took my rightful place in line amongst the Cretins, Plebeians, Nubians, Macedonians, and Tchechpultanians of Metropolitan Mejico Norte. After this single file fiasco, I journeyed to the 4th floor where the Honorable Judge Takami presided. It was here where I found my spirit crushed by the overbearing orangutan population who pummeled the courthouse pews with the scent of Mogadishu musk which emanated from their pits of improsperity. God the horror! It was a living nightmare that I will try oh so desperately to avoid going forward.

After 39 negars, and 21 illegals received their arraignment, it was my turn in the sun. BTW, half of those Tijuana Taxi Drivers received infractions for either littering, or illegal dumping on the highway. These motherfucking spics and spanglishers are leaving a trail of litter behind for their border ascending amigos to easily track their whereabouts. To make a long story short, it was a bloody awful experience. Of a courthouse of 80+, I was 1 of only 3 Caucasians. :erk:

I was ordered to pay $160 in penalties, which I’m sure the majority of which will go to feed the families of the vermin who I shared a cozy May morning with.

I have to say, I did not understand the stereotype of hispanics and their littering until I found heaps of garbage on my back lawn. I also once found my latino neighbors in my backyard using my hoop for basketball. They didn't ask, they just roamed into my yard and started playing....I came outside and told them to leave, and they did pronto.
The nice thing about Arizona is that it establishes proof that no matter your income or race, you can still be an ignorant, useless fucktard. The only discerable difference is they tend to drive H2s rather than lowriders, but rich white ignorant fucks listen to pretty much the same music as poor black and/or hispanic ignorant fucks. This place is as refined unfiltered moonshine brewed in the back of a doublewide.

I will agree alot of Arizona but there are a few okay areas.

Then again, we are a wild mix of all the other state's rejects that come here to get away from the cold.
Jay, on the way to this park we frequent, there is a tiny enclave of hispanic apartment buildings we have to pass. At any time of day, there are a handful of adults and about 20 children milling about in the yard and the street. The grounds are covered with various bits of garbage and there are more cars in the side yard than there are apartments. The other day I noticed one of them has built into the side of their apartment, where a window might go, some type of bird sanctuary. It's all highly visible from a main thoroughfare here in Nashville. They have no shame. I think they'd actually be surprised if you even mentioned any of the above to them as being inappropriate. It's all very strange.
That said, the hispanics here seem to be hard-working. It is well-known that there are sometimes more than a dozen hispanics living in one tiny apartment and they all have different roles. It's like a huge family. Their living conditions are deplorable by modern standards but they don't seem to mind.
An amusing aside: recently someone called the police for something random and when they went to check it out, they discovered that the person who called them was not only illegal (brilliant) but there were also 20 other illegals living along with him. They all went to jail and will (supposedly) be deported.

Local "activists" are bitching because they think this event will foster negative feelings towards the criminal justice system by the hispanics in the form of fear of deportation. Someone actually came up with this bit of logic and went on record with it :err:
How about you? Do you come from a neighborhood filled with people who are reasonably middle-class, well-read, well-traveled, articulate, etc? Or do you also have to deal with the unrefined element?!!

Well, I live in a port town right next door to Los Angeles. I live within a few blocks of a Boys & Girls Club, a junior high school, and a high school. I'm just a few blocks above what would be considered a "low income" area.

Long story short, no. Nobody around where I live ever leaves town. If they do, it's because they're Croatian or Italian and they go back home during the summers.
An amusing aside: recently someone called the police for something random and when they went to check it out, they discovered that the person who called them was not only illegal (brilliant) but there were also 20 other illegals living along with him. They all went to jail and will (supposedly) be deported.

Owned. :lol: