If Americans are as stupid as you say...


Jun 20, 2003
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... how, then, are they the wealthiest and most powerful people on the face of the earth?
Provide me with a valid answer to this question--not simply some snide remark. Let's examine things on a smaller level, for a moment: take, for example, your local community. Is it the unintelligent who are successful- the doctors, lawyers, politicians and executives, and so on? No, certainly not-- the unintelligent are the dole-twats, the dregs, the fast-food employees, the day laborers, etc. Individuals don't happen upon success and prosperity, do they? Neither do nations. If that truly were the case, Botswana and Guatemala might be the wealthiest and most powerful nations, and not the likes of America, Germany, or the UK.

If Americans really are so profoundly unintelligent, let's do without the technological advances they have brought us. No machine or appliance that uses electricity would be allowed--an American, it was, who first harnessed electricity for technical application. Enjoy your firelight. This would also rule out the internet you're utilizing at this very moment--also the product of 'unintelligent' American minds. The next time you book a flight--oh, you're way ahead of me! Since the plane is the construct of an unintelligent American mind, and since you've nothing to do with anything American, I'd like you to row to your next travel destination.
Further, all American products to be found in your household must be discarded; own any cds by American bands? Snap them in half. As nothing good has come out of the U.S., though, you don't listen to any American bands to begin with.

If America really is as dismal a place as you say, please explain to me why millions upon millions have emigrated to that country, while virtually no Americans have left for other countries.

The general perception amongst most Europeans is that Americans are ignorant, cultureless, oblivious to the world around them, and actually unintelligent. Funny, then, that said perception is itself built on stereotypes, generalizations, ignorance, and laziness! "You mean life in American doesn't really approximate an episode of the Jerry Springer show?" "You're American and you don't own a gun?" "I think European CNN news coverage does provide a realistic, non-biased view of life in America."---
actual, seriously-rendered quotes, sadly, from the mouths of 'enlightened, sophisticated' Europeans...
It is the inherent desire to dislike Americans, rather than a fair and balanced appraisal of these people--taking into account their flaws AND their merits (but we musn't admit to the latter's existence, hmm?)-- that is ultimately responsible.

There are, you see, a great many Americans who are, in fact, educated, cultured, and well versed in (and more importantly, interested in) the world beyond U.S. borders. Let's forget about them, though--after all, ALL Americans are fat, lazy, GW-supporting, ignorant, gun-toting, cultureless, drive SUVS, are borderline illiterate, drink Budweiser, are enslaved to corporate dictate, and are prone to blind patriotism, etc... right?
Fuck OFF!
If you don't mind, I'll stay for a mo.

There are a lot of things involved in this question. First of all, the "Americans" as such don't exist, I think, there are a lot of peoples who make up the American nation. The fact that America is equated with western civilization is because those who went there and colonized the land were (well, are) Europeans. All the technological advancement that you attribute to America mainly comes from this pool of thinking minds. Why America is predominant is because they also brought with them their sense of superiority over the rest of the world. Going there, getting hold of the land and its resources has made the people rich, I guess it's a self-generating process now, more money brings more money. European countries are small now, and even if they have enough money they can't support as much research as American universities or the government can. That's why a lot of people go there to do research, they're not Americans, but they come from different countries. Of course they're not only Europeans, but the big heads from all over the world. As far as I know, a lot of Hungarians developed such things as the a-bomb (hehe) and other, more peaceful things. But all of them did it in America, cause they didn't have the means to do it here. I guess that's not rare in connection with other countries either.

There's also poverty in the US, and the twats without education don't get by that well there either, so equality doesn't exist there either, it's just that the US has always been an affluent nation whose affluence is based on capitalism on a large scale. So the parallel with Botswana and places like that is just lame, in my opinion, cause they'll never-ever colonize other nations on the same scale as the US did and does.

Finally, I never thought Americans are shit, I have American friends who are great people, I was there, met a lot of great people there too. I think it's the size, the large amount of dickheads that make twattery more apparent, compared to European degrees of twattery :D After all, the world wars were started by Europeans too. It's just that America is always on the winner's side, cause who's with America wins (most of the time).
Yes, of course there are many intelligent people in America, America is made up of people from all over the world! But that also means there is some bad there too. So, because they are so powerful, when there is one not so intelligent, but granted 'somewhat' intelligent American, ie. Bush, this one person can cause an unstoppable chain reaction which yes, can be deemed unintelligent, and bad.

But anyone blaming this on all Americans is just as stupid. Individuals must be judged, not groups of people of all different origins living on the same lump of land. But, unfortunately, the whole nation of 'Americans' gets grouped together and blamed in a way that is just as unfair as a powerful American modern war plane, bombing Iraqi civilians indiscriminately, for example; and some of the US soldiers have shown themselves to be bastards, and stupid in my opinion, by some of their actions. Like shooting unarmed civilians who lay dying and laughing about it or thinking it's 'good' (yes I've seen the evidence of that). So there is some reason for the current 'stupid' jibes towards GW. Although yes, it is only stupid people who could call all Americans stupid, isn't that obvious? Why do you need an answer to this? I think that might make you stupid? I'm not sure, I don't know you.

So I should say, I don't personally think they are stupid, generally, as that would be like calling human beings in general, stupid, as USA consists of people from the whole world. As well as some of the greatest minds in the world, there is one if not stupid, one selfish idiot in charge over there who does not genuinely care about the pain and suffering his decisions cause. There are stereotypes people will have of Americans, but that doesn't mean there is not intelligence there in those individuals, in needs harnessing and it can be harnessed in many different ways, as we all know. People grow up in different environments, it could be argued that George Bushs' developing environment (Texas) has had some influence on his decisions and his, it seems, like for war, but who knows? I can't prove anything, I know that.

So there are some 'stupid', bad people over there and as we all know, as well as good, and highly intelligent ones, but a trait of humans at times, is to concentrate on the bad sides of people, especially due to what I believe are some bad, selfish decisions made from the hierarchy in the US, which has helped make the current world climate worse.
I never believed that Americans are stupid. Yet you have to admit that you also have a lot of idiots. I know that in my country we have lots of those.

Fox News is still a load of shit :yuk: :yuk:
I don't hate Americans, I hate the American government that thinks they've got the right to do whatever they want to do in any country. Also, I really hate most American tv programs that are being broadcasted over here these times...
quote: "....the unintelligent are the dole-twats, the dregs, the fast-food employees, the day laborers, etc....."

is that so?
i'm sorry but i think that's not a very intelligent statement...

also, do you think that being wealthy and powerfull automatically means your intelligent? i'm sorry, but "that does me head in"

and about all these great american inventions :worship: : luckily someone else invented the wheel for them :)
think I'll be going against the stream here a bit and say that I do think the general american is rather stupid. sorry, mate, but I do. you might say that there are always idiots everywhere, and that's true, but there seems to be an overflow of them over there. and not only are there a whole bunch of them, they've also managed to influence the society you live in, and transformed it to something woefully absurd and extreamly amusing ("warning: the content of this coffey cup might be hot"). like it or not, you're part of a society that shows a rather clownish face to the world. and we can't go about judging each and every individual in one nation. there's usually far too many of them.

It seems that there's a general concent that mr. george w. bush is somewhat of an ass, yet you managed to, not only put him in an office of great power once, but twice! now, that wasn't caused by a single idiot. it took a whole lot of them to manage that. what's even more disturbing is that the greatest opponent to mr. bush didn't even have a political plan of his own. his campaign was based on getting georgie boy out, not to impliment something new and good to neither the american society or the world.

about the money part, what a load of bullocks. in a recent survey, norwegian children came out as the worst in mathematical and science subjects, but we're still one of the richest nations in the world. we don't really have real talent up here; everything we do is so fucking small and insignificant to what other countries come up with, that if we weren't so blissfully ignorant of that fact, we'd be burried in a mountainslide of shame. the only reason we're living so good is because we lucked out on the lottery and found us some gigantic oil and gas reserves. mark my word, in 70 years time, poverty will reign here like it does in uganda.

so if you crave some more respect, do something about how your country portaits itself to the world. get one of these fabled smart folks you're talking so highly of into the oval office. prove that you really have something going for you, other than being an imperial agressor and a few funky inventions.

PS! you can't invent electricity, it's a force of nature. what was invented was a mean to harness and control it. I have no doubt in my mind that this would have been discovered anyhow, given time.

PPS! "what? you don't like me? well, screw you! and give me back my toys!"
I personally think Americans are a bunch of whiney spoiled brats. Stupid or no, it won't let it show though. Your arrogance and spoiltness is the dominating factor. And I think spoilt arogant people are idiots. They don't realize what is really good in life. They want material possessions, faster cars, faster computers, bigger buildings, more and more and more. Because you want what you want, and you get what you want. That's what the entire country is based on.
I agree with Fenre, it seems to be most of you are idiots.
Those of you who make money waste it. When I came here I was absolutely shocked by the size of everything. The cars, the buildings, the roads, the pollution, the people....
If you guys weren't such arrogant snobs, I daresay the terrorists would have not wanted to kill your people.
You came over here because you were a bunch of whiney blokes who couldn't handle the oppression of europe. And Maqus has another point. Sure, you guys have a lot of neat stuff over here, but a lot of it is from foriegners studying over here because you guys found this vast land with all it's resourses and destroyed it because you wanted more money and power. Well you have it. This war, it's going to give you more, because your leader is fighting this war on terror so that you guys can have cheap gasoline for a while now. I'm not stupid, your president has been disproven on his reasons for the war several times now. I firmly believe it's over oil.

sorry it's slightly disjunctured, I'm kind of ill.. :ill:
I don't think American are less intelligent than anyone else. I will tell you a storie though that maybe examples one of the problems with America.

A couple of years back, even before the Twin Tower sgot attacked, my cousin went to America with AFS, an exhange student programm.

He went to a guest family in Milwaulkee. It was a great family and he was immediatly excepted. He made lots of friends, did very well in school and he was highly regarded by guestfamily, friends and teachers.

Then one day during history class, the teacher said that America won all the wars they ever fought. All my cousin did was raise his finger and ask "What about Vietnam?"

He was expelled for three days and if AFS didn't search for a compromise his guestfamily would heve kicked him out. Some of his friends were really angry with him and so on...

Anyway, in the end everything worked out fine, and he had a great time. He is still in contact with his guestfamily and so on... However this little incident may somehow picture why Europeans don't have such a good image of Americans.