found an old swano interview about akerfeldt


Crimson King
Oct 16, 2004

This was taken before the recording of Crimson:

We will actually have a session
singer on the next record", reveals Swano, "but he wonn't have the
same density in my voice. He will sing the parts that I would've sung
in '91, and I will sing like I do now, and there will be this guy
from a local band who's record I produced. When I first heard him I
just fell in love with his voice. I don't know how he does it, he is
programmable. He can do any Death style vocal you want. If you want
some kind of Tardy style he can do it, if you want shock he can do
it, if you want Black Metal screeches that'll rip your ears out, he
can do it. It's no problem. This guy has the technique. He can go
from singing Sinatra to this, and go back again, no problem. It
doesn't hurt his throat. So just like some people bring in James
Murphy for a few leads <laughs>, we will bring this guy in for a few

Mike singing Sinatra haha I'd wanna hear that :D
Can we please take the time to properly spell Mr. &#197;kerfeldt and Swan&#246;'s names? They have dedicated so much of their time to bringing us such divine music, the least we could do is respect the symbols that represent their being.