GMD Poll: Top Ten Albums of 1987

To be fair, it takes me a couple hours to compile the data and produce the results for the band discography threads and those ones gets way fewer votes and have way fewer variables than this thread does. I'm sure No Country has a job and life outside of this forum and finishes these when he has the time.

Why not just compile the data table as you go? Each time you get submissions, update the table. That's what I did for the first set of these. Took me 20 minutes tops to get the final votes and there were way more data points.
Why not just compile the data table as you go? Each time you get submissions, update the table. That's what I did for the first set of these. Took me 20 minutes tops to get the final votes and there were way more data points.

People edit their votes, so you’d have to go back and recount, unless there was a “all votes are final rule.” The compiling doesn’t take that long. Calculating the score can if people vote in irregular ways. Producing the results takes forever specifically if yoh want to add quotes, which I think adds flavor to the lists (although I’m not sure is worth my personal time).
yeahhh sorry for the lateness. if someone wants to take over these polls please be my guest, i am a little tired of it at this point if that wasn't obvious.

anyway, i'll close this at the weekend. in the meantime we don't have lists from @Master_Yoda77 @The Ozzman @Vilden @ClichéUserName @Mort Divine @Funerary_Doom @spikes77 @RedinTheSky @Manic Ferocity @Draehl @Dak @tagradh @Terasophe etc

p.s. A twitcher is someone who will go to great lengths to view new bird species. For some twitchers their pursuit can turn into an obsession and can involve extensive travel, dedicated monitoring of birding hotspots and networking with other twitchers.

that describes my dad not me though, i just tag along sometimes lol
I thought a twitcher referred to Twitch streamers. I will also entertain the idea of hosting one of these polls.
haha i could've messaged you the results, i'd already got that far before my pc straight up died on me. but yeah, if you'd like to do it go ahead!
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10) I.N.R.I. by Sarcófago
Stand up to see my penetrator hammer...


"Saracofago fucking rock. INRI is classic old-school shit." - @Oblivious Maximus

"INRI is a milestone. They have put out strong material following INRI, but nothing comparable." - @Dodens_Grav

"Sarcofago. The ultimate underground Black band." - @Profanity

" (Discussing Beherit) It's dull and plodding music that really isn't that evil sounding. If you're looking for raw, filthy sound, you'd be better off listening to Sarcofago. At least they deliver some killer riffs.." - @crimsonfloyd

"Sarcofago was better than Sepultura could have ever been IMO." - @Blinded By Blood

"Dead did not introduce Euronymous to Sarcofago, that's utter bullshit. Euronymous was penpals with Antichrist long before Dead was even in the band, so nice try anyway." - @Dodens_Grav

Chosen by:
Slayed Necros (#1)
Anom@nder Rake (#2)
dwellerINthedark (#4)
Omni (#4)
Phylactery (#5)
crimsonfloyd (#7)
Dazed and Brutal (#7)
Krow (#7)
EspaDa (#8)

=9) Schizophrenia by Sepultura
My last steps march to the dead...


"I don't think Sepultura right away when topics of classic thrash come up. I do really, really like Schizophrenia though." - @divine_torture

"Sepultura was never very good imo. Cavalera is makes boring music, and when he left it didn't get any better." - @Dak
-------"If we ever meet, I am going to punch you in the face" - @The Ozzman

"Hehe...just found out some old sep eh.....if you think beneath kills...listen to schizophrenia.....its even better imo...." - @BRUTAL SENSATION

" Yeah, my friend had a copy of Schizophrenia and his friend has it and he hasn't seen him in a few years. He tells me that Schizophrenia is a phenomenal album. Everytime we go to a bar we always end up playing Troops of Doom at some point during the night on the jukebox." - @The Ozzman

"Beneath the Remains and Arise get a lot of praise, but this is my favorite from Sepultura." - @zerostatic

"Did Max Cavelera actually have Schizophrenia?" - @MURAI
--------"I care less about that than I care about you getting back to picking my cotton, Muraids" - @no country for old wainds

Chosen by:
Sirjack (#1)
alex77 (#2)
zerostatic (#2)
Krow (#3)
crimsonfloyd (#5)
RadicalThrasher (#5)

Sleestaks (#6)
-CyanideChrist- (#9)
Serjeant Grumbles (#10)

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=9) Journey into Mystery by Dream Death
Somebody get me out of this nightmare..


"This is fucking awesome! It's, like, doom/thrash! Reminds me of old Celtic Frost!" - @Impudent

"A guy called in to my radio show once and requested Dream Death. :guh:"- @Melodeath

"The band is mostly a mix of thrash and doom metal, but could be easily be seen as in early representation of Doom/Death. The vocals are very a like Tom Araya, and the guitars shift from doom to thrash occasionally. If Sempiternal Deathreign and Slayer were to have a child this would be it." - @Dazed and Brutal

" I've been loving Dream Death's Journey Into Mystery lately. So fucking good." - @Mort Divine

"I love these guys!" - @Omni

"Feel like shit. Mildly fucked on codeine the doctor gave me. This helps. " - @Krow

Chosen by:
Omni (#1)
Dazed and Brutal (#4)
Oblivious Maximus (#4)
Slayed Necros (#4)
Krow (#6)
dwellerINTHEdark (#7)

Phylactery (#7)
rms (#7)
Anom@nder Rake (#8)
HamburgerBoy (#9)
no country for old wainds (#9)
Vegard Pompey (#10)

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