Hey DRAGONLORD you scumbag, fuck


True Light

I am sick of you sticking it in to everyone, so you look like KINGRAT... your wisdom on this board is non-achievable..
the fuckoff was a smiley you droggo:
You have got a mental complex.
Stay off this racist black metal shit, you trouble maker.

Now to deal with lspP
FIRST you got it wrong with LSD off sarge peppers album, they gave false meaning, that has been proven, the other is about the altmont freeway,, it wasn't symathy for the devil, watch it again. you are always detached from certain things i noticed...REALITY IS GOING BACK TO YOUR SELF...which I find alot of people onthis board, are lacking in so many ways, all they are doing is imitating...

Do not be DISILLUSIONED, the time is nowto act on your inner self, instaead of associating everything to NEVERMORE and reflecting it..

Tell you waht lsd, check out QUEENSCRYCRE live at teh moore theatre..there's a song for ya...lady wore black...he hits the buring sky and check out the dany warhols very good vibe band.
Take care.
I think I know who this guy is! Read his sentences,look at his words, look at the bands he has mentioned, then think "OLD BOARD" hahaha!
hahahahahahaa, I fucking love it... personally, I don't like the beatles, to poppy and annoying sometimes... lyrics are good though (some). I dislike the word disillusion, makes no sense, all in the eye of the beholder. Reality is whatever you make it, just ask a schizo and he'll know. Any reality is an opinion, you make up your own reality. What a silly word, Reality... hahaha makes me laugh.

Are you becoming a regular visitor here??? Nice to see ya. you always bring a smile to my face... well okay an acid grin, hahahaha later

What's the light at the end of your tunnel???
Dragonguy, if you think MT was the only one who could fill a post like that,,,you must have come after I stoped. hahahaha. No man really, the guy in question here never wrote that much in a post at the old board.

you know man, its possible, but unlikely. AND>.....So, what are you sayin dude? Pointing fingers eh? hahaa,,,,,ha!
No,I was around long before you came (I remember the whole confusion with the several ledmags) but I stopped looking at forums for the summer.When I returned,the format had changed.
Originally posted by NoLordy Capone
Explain this confusion with the multiple ledmags....
hmmm some other guy came and posted bullshit under ledmag's nickname,and as a result everyone was blaming ledmag :D and then he started posting using several ppl's nicknames (mine too).Wendy had to delete all posts,and finally the jerk stopped.This was for me the biggest problem of not having a registered nickname,and I was happy to see the format change.It was something similar to the crap with Poser Disposer at the other board.BTW did he stop posting bullshit?
DragonLord....again>>>>>WHat was your nick on the old......? if you dont mind, that is. It seem like I knew what it was, or maybe I didnt,,,i dont know.
I would at LEAST try running...
I know it wouldn't work, but hey, at least die trying to get away :)
Trapped>>>Good answer,,hahaha, not what true light ment,,but none the less,,,good answer. haha

DragonLord>>>>So maybe I did know your nick LOL