Hey mekane...


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Feb 9, 2003
Germany / Thuringia
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Have you finished your little childish ego-trip? Just a question.
Another one for you is: Whats the point of your behaviour?
Let me guess, you want to show the whole board your rissen middle finger 'cuz you got your ass kicked 'cuz you failed in your self given task.
Perhaps you even want to convince yourself that you're able to stand against a whole board? Wow... Thumps up.
Yeah and? Just for that you think its justified to play the 5 year old sulky kid?
Man, don't you feel yourself a bit stupid?

If I hit the target or something close to it, would you be so kind and tell it?
Mekane dude, as I said already somewhere here, go away or stop bugging and fucking around.
But be advised that many ppl will remember you for bad.
alright, so my last thread wasn't very helpful to anyone (except myself, of course) but i don't get what was wrong with my original fwe posts.

Ill say it again because maybe somehow you haven't heard me say it already... I would bet 100 dollars there are at least 5-6 people here who would enjoy listening to the early in flames and some select Opeth songs that i named that they hadn't heard before.

And about my other post... regarding the definition of certain types of metal...

Maybe i was wrong about the definition of each, but you guys could have just said so instead of telling me how dumb i am...

I still think that way they are classified is definitely messed up... no way Darkthrone and Moonspell should be considered the same genre, both being Black Metal. Their nearly opposites in almost every way!
Well... Mekane I do enjoy OLD Opeth and OLD IN Flames (not whorehale(not sure about spelling)) And I'm all the way into old (1990-95) stuff. What I don't enjoy is that u coming in forum, which I enjoy reading every week, and start to create threads that should be in GENERAL MUSIC DISCUSSION!!!!!

U have a problem with self-esteem sir..........