i did this on the megadeth boards and introduce yourself but...

nyhc7163 said:
dude im a metalhead and i happen to be white.the color of a persons' skin has nothing to do with being a true metalhead as far as im concerned.you are every bit a metalhead as anyone and everyone else who loves metal is.

Agreed. Some of the NSBM losers might not like you too much, but then they spend most of their time skulking about wearing make up and taking photos of themselves waving hatchets about in the nearest woods, the fucking dullards.

I'm white, and yes, I have noticed that the majority of metal heads are whit, but put this down to the fact that most communities have their "own" music, be it rap or whatever, but fuck it dude, metal was never intended to be a whites only club, and they're about the friendliest fans of any genre of music.

Aside from the afore mentioned NSBM guys that is, in between masturbating over pictures of Hitlers comb-over.
I'm white, people online generally have a problem with me.

Stop using your skin color as a crutch. People do not like other people for a lot of reasons, yours happens to be skin, while someone else's might be their face,etc... the list goes on. What makes you so special.

Try not to let people effect you. Eternal Enemy thinks it would suck to be me but I would not want to be a 13 year old fag so who cares what he says.