I'm 17 today........

Slash Freeman

Iron Maiden obsessive
And you know what? It really sucks because only about 5 of my friends at school remembered. Plus this isn't gonna be the day that they remember for their mate Keith turning 17, it's the day they'll remember for being set free from Maths as we all sat our last Maths exam today (except for those people who are resitting it next 'cos they fail, or those who are taking it further (like me!) ). I hate the SQA............:cry:
I believe those memorized stupid dates are no measure for a friendship. Therefore I never care to keep them in mind, and I do not expect anyone to keep mine.
If you care for a person, every single day should be special. The day that person turns out a day older than 17 is equally valuable with the day that person turns out to be exactly 17.
I'd personally prefer to be loved "full-time" by someone -even though he/she does not vividly display it- rather than be remembered by a hell lot of people for a single day and forgotten for the rest of the year. I suggest you implement the same approach since there's absolutely no harm in trying it.
Good call, Iron. You are so wise! :)

I hope you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY despite all your friends. It's YOUR day, afterall!
Iron: I know what your saying, and I agree with it, but it is nice for everyone to make an exception for you once in a while, to let other people do stuff for you instead of the other way around. In short, it's nice to have a day of pampering! (and no, I'm not talking about the brand of nappies!). Still, everyone else had a happy day after 12noon, so I'm glad of that! :)

Draven: It wasn't really so bad, no..... And thank you!