I'm interviewing Novembre.

Well, in some interviews for the Italian magz, Carmelo's been often asked about the title of this song or what had interested the band so much to dedicate a song to Trieste and its history, and here is a short translation of his answer:

'Some time ago I watched a documentary on what happened right after the postwar. It talked about the Tour of Italy exactly in those years (that's a contest cycling round our country) which, reached the town of Trieste (that in that period was still divived between Italy and Slovenia), suffered the attacks of the Titini, throwing stones and shots, while only a few kilometers further, the same tour was acclaimed by the Italians. And such report stopped right upon a signboard on the edge of the street, with written 'Trieste Italiana' on it. The thing touched me for some strange reason. It's so strange thinkin' we had a lil' Berlin in Italy. We guys don't know so much about it... By the way, the documentary went ahead, talkin' about other 20 years of Italian history. I don't know, maybe I'm referring to the nostalgia of an Italy that we, those born in the early 70s, had seen disappear right under our nose. Well, we will see about it in 10 years, when I have a look to the lyrix again :) '.
Wow I finally found this topic, three years after I said I'd put the interview up!

Basically I a) forgot b) the website I was posting it on got hacked and we weren't able to get it running again c)was traveling and more...