Is Black Metal Friendly to Nazism?

TheEvilJudsus said:
I think the problem arises that nationalism, in and of itself (seperate from socialism) has some valid points... Yet socialism promotes fascism/self-sacrifice/political altruism. It is very strange that people who espouse so much hatred for Christianity support a political system that is the insitution of such beliefs.

This is ass-talk. There are many belief systems that indulge in collectivism, Islam and Buddhism being two of them. Your entire message is therefore misinformed and without merit.
Final_Product said:
I suppose no-one would defend the Nazi ideal system, so, to generalise, i think lots of black metal is full of fucking posers who like to talk about being Nazi's (and by saying this i dont refer to all black metal, i'm aware its fans and bands arent all like this, i'm just generalising).

Some are submitters, others are not.

How's the view of your ankles?