Is Sil Veth Metalcore? If not, what is it?

Is Sil Veth Metalcore?

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Mar 14, 2005
Not sure what 'metalcore' is but some frustrated teenagers have categorized us as such a few times in the past.

Can you help us set the record straight?
Wow, thats pretty damn stupid

Metalcore is more random screaming not harsh vocaling for one. On top of that you guys arent even remotely close to that genre let alone are comparable to it..

Silveth does not sound like metalcore crap, It's just too heavy. I would say it's Death metal..
Who the hell voted yes?!

Metalcore is like.. i dunno, shit basically. The only way i can determine what metalcore is, is those bands that have some pretty good music from time to time... but theres something that just stops you from giving them any respect...

Lets ask Wikipedia:

"Metalcore is a fusion genre, combining elements of extreme metal and hardcore punk. Defining the metalcore sound is not an easy task; various bands have fused a hardcore punk sound and attitude with many different types of metal. Some sources such as Sam Dunn and Guitar One, have called the recent metalcore groups the "new wave of American heavy metal."

So.. i still hardly know what Metalcore is exactly.. but one thing i do know is that Sil Veth is NOT it...

I just happened into your forum because I saw the topic of this thread. LOL

I gave your songs on myspace a listen and based on that I'd say you guys are anything but metalcore. I hear influences from melodic black metal, Gothenburg, speed/power metal, and even some viking/folk in there.

Sounds good. Keep it up and fuck the naysayers. Actually they sound more like idiots than naysayers, but you know what I mean...
Definitely not metalcore. I can see how it might come off as metalcore because of the vocals. Here and there it shows when he pronounces Y's and Ow's in somewhat of a chaotic way, but his vocals have that bareknuckle snarl whereas metalcore lacks that ballsy presence. Sil Veth's music is too progressive to be metalcore also. Here are some metalcore bands:

Shadows Fall
Killswitch Engage
As I Lay Dying

There is a huge difference seen in metalcore when it comes to the other genres. Metalcore does have emo and obviously "hardcore" within it's inspiration and that shines through a lot within the music writing process as well as the vocals. The metal part within metalcore are the simple guitar harmonies and the short bursts of blast beats usually falling into some sort of breakdown slam beat. A little above elementary when it comes to skill, but talent is where they lack IMO. It is full of melody but nothing worth appreciating musically. The vocals can be spastic with no direction or control. However, clean vocals appear often, but come across as whiney and appear to be pussyfooting around the music. Metalcore is metal for the masses. People who cannot comprehend talented, well-thought out music result in listening to metalcore.

Someone uneducated (or stuck in the unfortunate nonbelief) in the study of metal genres can get these things mixed up. However, there's no way I can see how anyone can get bands like Shadows Fall mixed up with Sil Veth. Keep kicking ass.