Isn't it funny how attached we get to animals?


Oct 7, 2009
My cat was very ill today. She could barely move, she never bothered to get herself into a comfortable position when lying down, she didn't react to my calls, she didn't look at me. When she did look at me, her eyes seemed sunken and tired. Despite all these signs, I was pretty sure she'd be okay.

We're pretty broke, so finding a vet which would put us on a payment plan instead of money up front was hard. We finally found a vet who

She told us the news that we didn't want to hear. Her liver had failed and we had two options, regular injections which would prolong her life for a few months but with that lethargic behavior, or have her put down. We decided it wasn't worth keeping her alive when her fate was ultimately a slow and painful death, and had her put down.

I went home, sat on the couch, and started sobbing as if I lost my mother. She was a human in our house hold, she was the best animal in my world, she brought many laughs and much happiness to the family.

I am saying all this, but in the end, she is a blip on the radar, yet her death is just like the death of a human. I am sitting here, still devastated, but she is so insignificant. I saw her from birth, to this point. Her mother who is still here has outlived her...

Isn't it funny how attached we get to animals?
damn...sorry to hear that...
when our first dog had to leave because my father ''was allergic'' (in the end he wasn't he was allergic to something else...), we all cried like little kids... okay, i was a little kid back then, but even my father cried like a little kid.
Sincere condolences mate. My dad had to put his cat down this weekend due to a cricketball-sized tumor in his stomach - I myself have been through a fair few pets, but that's just how it is y'know?

You get a cat/dog/alligator, you get attached to it and you get used to it's companionship until you realise that actually, they only tend to last for 10 - 16 years or so on average. Never gets easier, I'm gonna have to put down my dog before too long because he's getting real old. But aye, very sorry to hear about this broski :(