looking for a good song for my hockey team's intro!!

Dec 3, 2008
hello all! I am new here, so first of all, hello! Secondly, and most importantly, I have a request. I know that this is a recommendation forum for BANDS, but i basically only need one or a few SONGS, but i couldn't find a thread for that, so if this needs to be moved, fine, but to all the mods out there, i really need this thread, so please don't delete it, lol.

Anyways, I am 17 years old and I play varsity-level ice hockey. My team is having our home opener on Friday night, and I need some kickass metal song WITH NO SCREAMING OR GROWLING to play as our entry song. Every other team in our league plays Enter Sandman -- Metallica, but i don't want to conform, if you catch my drift, haha.

Anyways, i seem to be the only member on the team who likes metal (they all pretty much like rap, lol), but i don't know a whole lot of different metal bands and songs. I usually listen to Kalmah, KMFDM, Otep and Dream theater as well as some Enter Shikari, but i sometimes listen to more poppy stuff like Bullet for my Valentine and Disturbed. Anyways, the problem with those bands is that aside from KMFDM and Dream Theater, they're all heavy in screaming.

In a similar thread to this one that i made in a different community, i was recommended Walk, by Pantera, multiple times. My only problem with that is that it's very slow.

The song also can have no cursing. Seeing as these games are school-sanctioned, the song cannot have any cursing, or, at least no cursing that is very audible.

I was thinking Terror by KMFDM, until i remembered that it's got the f word multiple times.

in conclusion, i need a good, rhythmic metal song with NO SCREAMING, GROWLING, OR CURSING that is relatively fast paced, like Enter Sandman. Honestly, the borderline for growling/screaming/cursing would be Metallica. Anything that has heavier singing than Metallica is probably a no-no. It should also be kind of catchy.

Anybody got any suggestions? Remember, my team's season opener is this friday (two days), so I'm in desperate need of some quick suggestions. Thank you all for your time and patience, and so sorry for the long post!!!
lol, every team plays "Enter Sandman", how lame

here are some ideas off the top of my head

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Would they count 'hell' as being cursing by chance? There's always Rage - Straight To Hell. Good anthemic slightly cheesy sports-sounding kind of song..

Dragonland - Supernova is triumphant as crap and kind of sounds in a lot of the beginning parts like it could be applied to such a thing, but that might be a bit off..give it a listen anyway...

Firewind - Til The End Of Time would be nice and super irritating to all the anti-metal people while still being clean and anthemic..

Royal Hunt - The Mission...

Oh yeah and some Running Wild songs:

Blazon Stone
Port Royal
Black Wings of Death
Tortuga Bay
Welcome To Hell

One of those might suit you..

I also always thought Judas Priest - Bullet Train would make for some good entrance music.

Just look all these up on YouTube and see what you think.
I think you might find what you're looking for in a Pantera, Rage Against the Machine, or Black Sabbath tune. Something like Iron Man, Killing In The Name or Bulls on Parade will be recognizable, and they have the kind of big, catchy riffs I think you're looking for. If you actually play the whole song, Killing In The Name is a no-go, but the opening riffs would suit your purpose.

By the way, for my money, Sabbath's "Supernaut" is their catchiest and best song, but it won't get the same kind of crowd recognition as Iron Man.
lol, every team plays "Enter Sandman", how lame

here are some ideas off the top of my head



dude...that first one was freaking incredible, thanks so much for that!

Do you know that name of the track and the name of the artist, so i can buy it on itunes?? I heard the first few seconds and i immediately fell in love with it, lol.

As for the second one, it probably won't work. That siren-like noise in the background kind of sounds like a screech, and I don't want to freak people out. After all, people who listen to poppy music--especially kids--aren't used to heavier stuff like metal, and even though we can obviously go much heavier :)heh:), any screaming, growling, or screeching--no matter how light, soft or short it is--will most likely mean that the crowd, and my teammates, will automatically interpret it as death metal, lol.

Anyways, thanks so much for that, as for now, that's my song--but please, guys and gals, don't stop the suggestions--one of them may top this one!
wow lol a lot of ppl responded while i was typing that last message--i'll have to check out all those songs right away!!

and no, i think hell will probably slide--it's mainly things like the s word and the f word or ahole, stuff like that.

I suppose I'll have to link to them myself.

Rage - Straight to Hell

Dragonland - Supernova

Running Wild - Black Wings of Death

Running Wild - Welcome to Hell

Judas Priest - Bullet Train

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here's some more...

Tad Morose - Take On The World (can't find a link for it, but it should be in the running too)

Rage - Dies Irae (this is very hard hitting in the beginning for this sort of thing)

Rage - No Regrets

Firewind - Til The End of Time

What you want is to pound teh weak Enter Sandman into dust. :loco:
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Welcome Shin-84.

another Tad Morose rec.
"Anubis" from the cd Modus Vivendi. Still get chills everytime I hear it.

also "Living Under Ice" (hockey theme) by Hibria (2 OF 2)


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muzmaze lol good to see another hockey nut on here, sometimes it feels like i'm the only one :D

that song's definitely going on my ipod, i really liked it, BUT--a little TOO scary for my schoolmates' tastes, lol.
A longtime Bruins and Hockey in gen. fan.

I also edited my previous post didn't know if you seen my 2nd vid- "Living Under Ice" from Hibria
lol yeah i got it, thanks for that. living under ice seemed like it was pretty good, to me, personally, it's not powerful enough as an intro song, but the warmups are 10 minutes long, so it could definitely be part of the warmups playlist.

And yeah, i've been a rangers fan for as long as i can remember--the reason i started playing goal was cuz of richter :D

but actually, my good friend (who, coincidentally, is the captain of my varsity team) is a diehard B's fan. He doesn't know why, lol. He doesn't know anybody in the new england area, he doesn't like any other bostonian team, he's never been to Boston--but ever since he was a little kid, the Big Bad Bruins have been his favorite team, lol. He's kinda gotten me into them--I'm still a Rangers boy through and through, but I can truthfully say that I like the Bruins. I don't LOVE them like i do the rangers, but I like em--good young FAST team--Thomas is my favorite goalie in the nhl right now, aside from lundqvist, of course, lol.

Anyways, anybody else got any good ones???
I'm thinking "you're as coooold as ice... willing to sacrifice..."

But if not that, try a Kiuas song. They have one called "Through the Coldest Ice Age" that's really cool:

They also just have great songs to get pumped up to:


EDIT: didn't see that thing about no screaming or growling. That might throw some of these out.
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the Big Bad Bruins have been his favorite team, lol. He's kinda gotten me into them

Its the badass black n yellow...the same reason I loved the Steelers as a kid.

The B's" were really the "big bad bruins" in the 70's & 80's. They are now getting back to this label again with the new GM, and a influx of past "big bad bruin" payers like Cam Neely in the organization. Also with coach C. Julien who always had success preaching defense, goaltending and two-way playing-comes first...he has definitely instilled this in the B's. He now has some good young offensive players to work with as well.

Goodluck to you and your team. Though I won't say this in regards to your NY Rangers.:)
Maybe you need a`hymn like this (I think it's perfect for a triumphant entrance):

Falkenbach - ...When Gjallarhorn Will Sound

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They've given you the wrong Welcome To Hell.

Fight, we will fight right,
Living low in a world of our own,
Destined to live right, fight,
We're taking hell as our home!
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