looking for a good song for my hockey team's intro!!

@Black Friday: I have to agree with Dodens: You are a tremendous douchebag.

@OP: I recommend you make that request in the Musician's Discussion, very knowledgeable people there.
Sorry to completely change the entire topic of the thread, lmfao, but if i've got like, 60-75 dollars to spend, where could i get a maddd cheap guitar amp or single speaker that would still have enough power to play loudly at a hockey rink??? Also, how would i hook it up to a computer or cd player???

is your computer hooked up to your stereo? it's really no more difficult than that, it just uses a different cord instead.

when I used my bass amp for a PC speaker, all I needed was a cord which came with the computer, available in any store, 3.5 on each end, and a converter plug to change one 3.5 end to the plug which fits in an amp input. 3.5 jacks into the speaker output in your soundcard, and the plugged end of the cord goes where your instrument would normally plug in. done.