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Hey Andreas. Will be there an (more or less) official version of the concept?:headbang:

Since september Mercy Falls is one of my favourites records of all time. You guys rock!!!!!

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OMFG, I love all of you guys.
I have picked up on most of these parts of the story but you have also opened my mind to so much more in this album.

Best Thread Ever
I stumbled across a wiki entry on the story:

A man has a mysterious car accident, and falls into a coma. He is taken to a hospital by paramedics. The man, in his comatose state, dreams he is in a place called Mercy Falls. A few years after the accident, his wife comes to visit him (as she apparently has been doing constantly ever since that night). She comments that the doctors are still trying to wake him. She leaves his side, but turns the radio on to comfort her husband.

Within the man's mind, he dreams of a woman who lives in Mercy Falls, who constantly stays locked inside "the tall house", an empty mansion that the children fear to approach. He begins to realize that she is a reflection of himself, because he is trapped inside his own empty mind and completely isolated from those he loves. He believes that if he can meet this woman and help her to leave her mansion, he will be able to leave Mercy Falls himself and finally see his family again.

Back in the physical world, the father of the man signs a form to allow the man's son to donates bone marrow, in desperate attempts to heal him. This, apparently, is their last hope to try to awaken him.

Back in Mercy Falls, the townspeople prepare for a terrible storm that could destroy their village. (The storm, of course, is the doctors trying to cure the man using the bone marrow, therefore trying to destroy Mercy Falls.) The townspeople unite and build up defenses against the storm, and their town is saved. Therefore the medical procedure has failed.

The man's wife and the doctors give up hope. At the album's emotional climax, "One Last Goodbye", they turn off his life-support machines and assure him that his memory will live on. He passes from Mercy Falls into the afterlife, and as he is dying, he has a flashback which reveals a conversation he had with his wife several years ago in the car. She told to him that her son was, in truth, not his. Shocked so suddenly, he crashes the car, which brings the timeline back to the beginning of the album. This explains why the bone marrow transplant from his son was unsuccessful.

The final song, "The Black Parade", tells of the man's experience passing into the afterlife.

Any interpretation about possible misinformation would be a sensation. :D I (and many others I'll presume) just wanna print out a fully detailed interpretation of each song cause I'm too dumb to piece it all together when listening.

"It's not your child..."
"Why I oughta... *CRASH*"
I'm no good at inferring song lyrics, so it's nice to see other interpretations. I never would have made the storm - bone marrow connection myself.
Hey, I wrote that wiki article! I was hoping other people would add their own ideas to it, but they never did.. :p Wish I could have found this forum before I wrote that, I could have added a lot more detail. It is, after all, only my opinion.
Bravo Andreas! I just read your explanation on the other board. As a physician, you filled in the gaps very nicely for me. I'll know better than to download from iTunes rather than buy the cd next time. I have to admit, I never thought I'd be reading about HLA typing and chloramphenicol on a heavy metal music forum. I wish I had the chance to share a beer with you guys in Atlanta. Maybe next time.
Man, I just read that post on the other forum, and I can't believe those guys would even suggest that Mercy Falls' lyrics are cheesy. There is some very well written lyrics on that CD. I love all the use of metaphors and symbolism..."muddy water makes her smile"...I really love that line. I like the fact that everything is not just spelled out and you have to dig a little deeper. Cheesy lyrics are "fight the evil, anything with glorious or fire", you know Dragonforce or Hammerfall. You guys write very intelligent story lyrics. The lyrics are one of the things that really drew me into the CD. I just wanted to present that other viewpoint. I think calling Mercy Fall's lyrics cheesy is ridiculous. Cheese is not hard to find, unless you are looking for it on a Seventh Wonder CD. :p
Hey people!

I don't have the energy to go back throughout this thread to see if this was already discussed or not, but a post at another forum that I visit on occasion forced me to elaborate a bit on the bone-marrow issue, that apparently didn't seem to make sense to some.

Here goes:

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Got this album yesterday and after listening to it (just finished my second listen) and reading explanations and interpretations from not only forumers, but band members, THIS ALBUM IS AWESOME!

I quoted Andreas here because his post in the forum he linked us to really clears up some of the more technical "nit-picky" things I had with the album.

Can't believe I'm just finding out about these guys... Next stop: Waiting In The Wings!
I'm no good at inferring song lyrics, so it's nice to see other interpretations. I never would have made the storm - bone marrow connection myself.

I've read here someone else had that same take...

I kinda saw the storm as an intense manifestation of the anger/ betrayal that he begins to think about and the storm breaks when he finally embraces forgiveness. Despite the betrayal, he realizes he still has a great love for her, he still loves and sees innocence in 'his' son and for his own 'peace of mind'. When that happens, his mind is finally calmed... but that's just me..