Mercy Falls Limited Edition

Thanks chrissie,

ordered mine at cdinzane...........i guess i have to wait till next friday?!!
Let's hope they mail it a bit earlier.

I love how everyone is so excited about MF.
I just know that this cd will open a lot of new 'Seventh Wonder'-eyes!!
I haven't recieved my copy yet but I "pre" ordered it a little late and I'm worried I won't get a pre Sept. 12 delivery. Yesterday was my B-Day too. :lol:

I didn't recieve any feedback from my cancellation of "Mercy Falls" from cdinzane but that's ok, even if I get an extra copy shipped on the 12th, the band will at least be paid more!

Gonna see if I can get "The Crucible of Man" today though. Despite its shitty reviews... I don't care. It's the year of Barlow! :D
Hey, happy belated birthday, Korruption!! :) :loco: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

As for "The Crucible Of Man"... it's not that bad - once you've adjusted to the fact that it's mainly a midtempo-album (so don't expect anything like "Violate", "Disciples Of The Lie" or Demons & Wizards' "Heaven Denies") except for the song "Devour & Divide". Not really comparable to the classic "Something Wicked This Way Comes". It's got a great atmosphere though! :)
Thanks bro. :)

I already know what the album is like as I briefly had the whole album downloaded. One song that surprised me was "A Gift or a Curse", where someone else was doing the lead vocals. Divide and Devour is a real slaughterer!

Overall, I think it sounded pretty solid. :kickass:
Hey korruption,

why did you cancel your order at cdinzane?
I oredered mine there (HAVEN'T RECEIVED IT EITHER :mad: )....... is there something wrong about cdinzane i should know about (besides the fact that they are not that quik)?
Yeah, they fucked up the last order I made with them, so I don't trust them.

Plus some people here recieved the LE package from Lion Music far sooner, so I thought I might try my luck at it.
Yep, that sucks indeed....the fuck up, i mean!
I hope the LE will arrive soon though, yours and mine.

Btw I ordered a 'normal' copy today at my local cd-shop. Maybe i can pick that one up on friday......:headbang:

...........Happy belated birthday indeed!! :kickass:
Jon shows promise.

Got my Mercy Falls LE today. I may recieve another but ah well. The band needs the money! :D :kickass:
Are there any problems with the ltd edition? I placed my pre order at but they have not received the ltd edtion yet.
Lion music also does not have it anymore in their online shop.