Michael Romeo in the next G3 Tour!!!!


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Jan 26, 2004
...I'm only kidding (obviously), HOWEVER, that would be an extremely awesome opportunity for Romeo (and in many ways, Symphony X as well) in terms of exposure...although it might end up making Romeo more well known then SX, lol...life is strange like that sometimes. But back to my cool G3 idea...I think Romeo would pull this off great, as well as him being a perfect player for this type of thing (as Yngwie and Petrucci have already done it). It would be awesome to hear some of those Dark Chapter instrumentals with a REAL drummer and in a live setting...and maybe some new things that he's said that he's toyed around with at home, but never has the time to do anything with because SX is priority (and with good reason)! Anyway just thought of this after watching the latest G3 DVD with Yngwie...ive gotta to get back to band practice. Later peoples. Peace :Spin:
To be completely honest, I dunno how well Romeo would fit in a G3 sorta thingy. I haven't seen the one with Yngwie yet, but I really don't think that a straight ahead shred-machine would do very well when teamed up with Satch and Vai, who are quiet jammy on stage (I'm using the G3 I have with Eric Johnson as reference). I think even Eric Johnson sorta didn't fit too well, he was very unjammy and WAY less emotional. I'm not sure how Petrucci fit in, I never heard anything from that, but I can't imagine him fitting in much better. I think a good 3rd guitarist for G3 would be Al DiMeola, I'd love to see him and Vai on stage together <drools>
A different idea, how about G3 with Yngwie, Romeo and Vai/Satch, changing the momentum of the show to more aggressive stuff. That'd be interesting to see, and I'd love to see it :)
the one with yngwie is awesome yngwie kinda adds a differnt flavour.
Altough romeo deserves to be there more than every guitarist they wouldnt call him because unfourtunatly he is not famous especially compared to other names mentiooned
I think even Eric Johnson sorta didn't fit too well, he was very unjammy and WAY less emotional.

I think you mean that his stage presence doesn't involve strange faces and rock antics. His music is very emotional.

The G3 with petrucci was pretty cool, petrucci fit in well. The one with yngwie was interesting as well. Yngwie's stage presence was,,,different. I didn't enjoy his set so much, but there are many who did. During the jam songs, his solos didn't really fit in at all. But he did his yngwie thing.

I personally think Romeo would do better in the jam songs at fitting in than Yngwie did. That said, one of the reasons that Romeo couldn't get on G3, in my opinion, is that he doesn't really have an instrumental showcase that the others have. Johnson has stuff like cliffs of dover, Petrucci has LTE, Gilbert is Gilbert, Yngwie is Yngwie.
I loved Yngwie on G3, he added a totally different flavor than Satch/Vai. However, Romeo would do a lot better, although I've never seen much of his improv. I'd imagine he would do a lot more things that fit the songs, and he's more diverse.

Actually when I met him on the last tour I told him he deserved to be on it, and he said, "I'd like to, but y'know, we're not too popular." Basically they pick the big names to attract different crowds and make money. Damn record labels.

And btw, for like half a second this thread excited the hell out of me. Bastard. :D