More damnation?


cut your hair, longhair
Apr 14, 2004
From Boston, now in Dacks
does anyone know if opeth is planning to record another one of these albums? I thought it was the shit and enjoyed listening to it immensely when i didnt feel like going on the fuckin rollercoaster ride that is a normal opeth album. You know, the type of thing you can hum without going into convulsions and shit? anyway, maybe it wasnt perfect, but it sure was great and a way for us fans to BRREEAATTHH a little bit, and this might sound stupid but maybe they could release albums like this under the name "damnation" so that you had your "opeth" albums and your "damnation" albums, but something makes me think that this is unfortunately the last time they will do an album fully like this.
ShroudOfDusk said:
Damnation aint what Opeth are about. It was an experimental album, not a new direction.

Aye, and it's pretty funny to read reviews or comments by people who think that it IS a new direction and lament the "loss" of the old Opeth. Some people just make me laugh.