My Thoughts on religion.


Sep 7, 2001
I have always made attempts to be a religious man, but things such as the latest attack on the United States make that hard for me. It is my opinion that any belief in a supreme being is asking for trouble ( I am speaking of organized religiong mainly). I am not saying this applys to everyone, there is no doubt that God has been good for countless millions. However, the fact that people put there very existence into a supreme being is asking for trouble. I can not think of many things that people would be willing to go to extremes for other than freedom, God and such. I guess what I am trying to say is, because people's feelings are so very very strong when it comes to their God, many (not all) would do anything to continue in their specific beliefs. Maybe the less aspects of life people are absolutely 100% devoted to, the safer the world would be as a whole. ALthough there is much good come in the name of God, I can't help but notice all the death and destruction through history done in his name. Therefor among other personal reasons I do not practice any organized religion, and at this point in my life I am not sure I bieleve in a God.
i dont believe in god for reasons other then that bad things happened

its clear that if a god did exist... he has nothing to do with good things, or bad things happening.... he was just there watching.... so if extra bad things happen, theres no need to just change your beliefs and stop beliving in god
How can you say the word Believe when you have no facts of anything . There are no facts that there is a god , and none there isn't so , fuck it . I was asked once in my eth iss class do I believe in God . And I told the teach these exact words " Excuss my language , but my answer is , Fuck It" . He just laughed and asked why , And I explained , and he said you know , thats the same way I feel sometimes .
warsofwinter, i am not talking of fact, religious bielefs are based on faith not fact
I beleive in God. Terrorists, that killed more than 25000 innocent people worshiped Allakh. My God gave rules like "never kill" and "love others", Allakh "said" that his followers can revenge. Anything that they will call revenge will be right for their divinity. And man, this shit was done by people, not by God. On this forum there are many thread, where these events are discussed, look there - noone wrote, that it is God, Who is guilty in this shit . Best wishes.
if no one died we wouldn't have evolved and we would not be here. going back in time if dinosaurs didn't die then we would not have been able to evolve, we could not build a thing as they would brake everything we done and we would be living in fear like ants on a street or garden, also if we didnt die then we would be overcrowded and well it wouldnt really work out would it? im not religious myself although like in planet of the apes when the chimp comes down in the end i would love that to happen:) , just a thought.