New AA-album coming!


I empty my nose on you..!
Apr 29, 2005
dronten, netherlands
everybody is still waiting for the dvd, which is going to be kick-ass ofcourse.. but maybe there is much better news: a New Amon Amarth album!:headbang:
Andersson himself said it at one of the threads on this forum.. ("future tour plans")
next year is going to be a perfect year.. Hail to amon amarth!:worship:
Ah, they'll undoubtedly do a European new album promotion tour.

Which naturally everyone must attend.
mmmm... a new album:D :D though i thought FoN was a great album, I hope that they'll make more like STTNW or OSFTGH songs..
either way, this is good news.. Hail to Amon Amarth, my gods!!!:worship: :worship: i hope they'll return to norway again.. i haven't seen them live yet:yell: and i really have to!!:hotjump: :loco:
Yeah man, this should be put together after the tour, you'd think. Good to hear discussion of it. I hope it's amidst their greatest extremeness and slays the hell out of all....
They could hit South America, or from Japan, hit Australia, and get New Zealand in while they're at it, though. Australia has a wicked metal scene...
cock it! yes australia does have a killer metal scene. And we arn't lazy fucks if there is a gig on, even if its 9+ hours away eat my ham! So if they only came to NZ hey lets fly over. BTW would be fucking cool if they played in NZ though. SHIT its where AMON AMARTH ARE FROM!!! LOTR was all fimled there they can play on top of MOUNT DOOM haha
I agree, Fred posted here time ago with another nickname...although it could be possible that he's just too drunk to remember...but we can't risk that....slay those fuckin dragonlord fans and conquer their forum!!
Naw, Frederik Andersson is going as Andersson, you can pretty much tell hey

That would just be dumb.

Anyways, yeah, what the fuck is this gihad shit about anyways? Why not a Viking Pillage & Razing for fuck sakes!!:kickass: