New amp time (Budget is 500$!)


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Oct 7, 2008
Minnesota, US
I'm getting 500$ on Tuesday, I'm looking for an amp that doesn't have to be versatile (will be for a metal band) and loud enough to play through live. Any suggestions, sneapsters? Keep in mind I'm not looking for an extremely top of the line studio recording amp, just something live-ready and preferably tube so I can play a few shows!
Had to get rid of the fiddy to pay some bills a while back.. I'm looking on eBay now for the 5150's cause I can't find any on Craigslist. Any other suggestions, guys?

Another option I was considering was the Windsor halfstack + TS9. Anybody have?
Hmmm, getting a 5150 for $500 would be a bit tough these days. I'd say:

-Laney AOR Pro Tube (JCM 800-esque with more gain)
-Peavey Windsor

I own a Windsor and a 5150. Both are great. I would go for a windsor halfstack, but you need a TS (as you said) and I would recommend active pups.
I just went to Guitar Center today and played the Vox Valvetronix and also tried out the Peavey Vypyr Tube 60. I'd have to say I had more fun and liked the sound from the Peavey moreso than from the vox. For only $450, I think i'm gonna get the Peavey until I can save up for a half stack.
I was acutally going to get the Vypyr Tube 60W aswell, but.. Only one speaker, don't know if it'd handle gigs that well. Right now I have to choose between a Marshall AVT150H and the matching cab, OR a used 5150 combo with Groove Tubes just put in it. I've had the 5150 combo before, so I know how FUCKING AWESOME it is, but my guitarist in my old band had an AVT150, and it sounded pretty good too. Hmmmm
Perhaps, I haven't been in the market much recently. I'd say in the past 5 or so months I haven't seen many below $600ish on ebay.


FWIW, i've noticed that prices of goods on ebay tend to be higher than those on craigslist, or word of mouth sort of stuff

methinks it's because their listing fees have gotten so out of hand that people inflate the price of goods in order to cover the associated costs