Opeth- New musical direction needed?

I think the black metal thing is intriguing. I imagine something like the first two songs of Emperor's Anthems; examples of soft and atmospheric music with wicked transitions into furious metal. I mean, can you deny the greatness of the owls in the background, and the way that they use so many teases to build momentum up to that one point at the beginning of Ye Entrancemperium. This is what I think is possible on the next release. An Opeth spin on making an album like that would be unimaginable.

I like the idea of sparse vocals a lot. The In Mist comparison sounds good.

On a side note, I am pleased with the improved quality of threads lately.
heres a question for you guys:

would you still be listening to opeth if they turned to electronic music? we know some bands can go through that change well and still keep their quality (like ulver or samael...or maybe tiamat's "a deeper kind of slumber").

we know this will NEVER happen 'cause mikael doesnt like that kind of music, but what do you guys say?

personally, i like electro so i dont care whatever they do. as long as it's good and it's got feeling
I'd love that, Corleone. I think the best way to expand metal music in general is to start experimentation with electronic-oriented stuff. The fact that you can manipulate sounds so well in the studio and with DJ/Synth/Sequencing equipment pretty much opens the depth of the music world out to you. It doesn't *have* to sound like a bullshit trance/techno hybrid or something. You *can* make music with integrity using electronics, as Ulver have demonstrated (Lost in Moments, Plate 11...). Hell, even that Zyklon track that just stops blasting halfway and opens into this heavy synth-only industrial part, and then then bring the guitars back into it with a chorus of vocals... that shit was so heavy it gave me goose bumps.
Justin S. said:
One of my biggest questions concerns vocals; how much left is there to explore with the death vox?...perhaps it is time that it took a secondary role, and was not the primary vocal method.
I suggested something like that in another thread. This is what I got....:hotjump:
Your right, an instrumental album would be nice, BUT I do know I'd miss Mike's clean vocals and his infernal growls...but one or two instrumental AND extended songs would be very nice to hear, of course.


Moonstruck said:
An instrumental Opeth album, never thought of that. Would be cool indeed. Or maybe a heavy instrumental song, that would be interesting to hear too.
well... i love Still Life, but the progressive nature of the first 3 albums has yet to be matched. There was something very emotional about their arrangements earlier on. Still Life is good, but it's more of a "rocker", and slightly less cerebral compared to the first 3. Awesome, awesome, but it doesn't give me the depth of "feeling" that MAYH in particular give me. MAYH was a unified work, in which the presence of every song made each individual songs infinitely greater than they would be alone. There's a flow to that album that i don't think Opeth will ever match, and if you've ever heard any of the mixes i do, flow, and transfer between strong emotions is what makes music indespensable for me. A roller coaster, if you will. Yes, all the albums have that component to a degree, but NEVER better than on MAYH, and there was something very "magical" about the first 2 which was never captured again either. It was much more sparse, a lot more breathing room on those albums, which gave it a much deeper introspective feeling to me. Still Life rocks, no doubt, but on an emotional level, it's just not as deep. There's more times that they are just kind of grooving on something, and while that is an emotion in itself, it's not one that i think can be a truly moving one.