Opeth Song Survivor - Round 2 - Morningrise (Vote for the WORST song!)

Which song do you DISLIKE the most? DISLIKE!

  • Advent

    Votes: 13 20.3%
  • The Night And The Silent Water

    Votes: 21 32.8%
  • Black Rose Immortal

    Votes: 17 26.6%
  • To Bid You Farewell

    Votes: 13 20.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Nov 23, 2002
Thought I'd do this one early, as the Orchid thread has already died, and it looks pretty conclusive.

This poll will last for 72 hours. It's features songs from Opeth's second album, Morningrise. Nectar was destroyed in Round 1, with 48 votes. Something tells me this one will be a lot closer.

Happy voting. :)
they all are awesome but Night And The Silent Water just impresses me the least of them all...and wow it's got all the votes so far :loco:
I agree man, this one is by far the hardest one so far.

Let's see here.....agggh, you bastard, this shouldn't be!

:( Damn, I think I'm gonna have to say.........

[drumroll]........The Night and the Silent Water [/drumroll]

I love this song, I really do.....but well, I had to choose, and this is the one I like just a tinsy bit less.

Still... *sigh*
goddammit!!!!! I simply cannot vote. WTF????

This must be what it would be like to vote on which one of your children should be thrown to the dingos....

I guess BRI because it is so long.
Schism said:
I am going to listen right now and give my vote in the morning:Spin:
It will be hard to choose Advent after seeing an awesome live performance of it last night!

Ya know what is shitty? I didn't appreciate this tune until AFTER I had seen them live. WTF is that about. ERRRRRRR!!!!!
fucking stupid if you ask me. morningrise is their greatest, and there is no bad songs. AT ALL.

i flipped two coins, and BRI took it.
LiB said:
Black rose immortal, i HATE HATE HATE this song, its fucking arcade music you would expect while playing space invaders back in the 70's.


I voted Advent, it feels least like a real song out of those but I do love it. the others more though
Ahhh , Advent overwhelms me , i'll never vote for that song , and i have to vote for the beautiful To bid You Farewell because i don't listen to it that much ( and i should... )
TNATSW is the least brilliant. I think I might have to refrain from voting in the next two rounds. :/
I know, they're all great-but that has to be my all time favorite. Musically, vocally, and especially lyrically-pure brilliance and beauty. But at this point it's not like we're picking bad songs-just the less good ones.