Opeth touring australia !

Opeth tickets for the Melbourne and Sydney gigs go on sale THIS FRIDAY THE 27th at 9am. Get tickets through ticketek.
Dates, as you might already know for the gigs are as follows (Including prices)
Melbourne, the forum. sunday 23rd and monday 24th April. Cost - $60.40
Sydney, Luna park. Tuesday 25th April. Cost - $61.70

P.S Both Melbourne gigs are 18+, whereas the Sydney gig is all ages.
$60 is too much to see Opeth? Heh, fair enough. Weren't Metallica tickets $120 or some ridiculous amount last time they came?
Birkenau said:
Well considering Behemoth was $40 and had 6 hours worth of support bands...

And not just average support bands either - we're talking The Amenta and The Furor. $40 bought me one of the best gigs Ive seen since Iron Maiden in 1992!
Anyone who says Behemoth were average or anything below that is an understatement. The professionalism, sound and performance of that band was arguably the best I have ever seen. But if thats how one feels, so be it. But of all the bands I have seen, they pretty much took the cake..