Orchid Electronics reamp box - any experiences?

Ok I got it, it also drops the signal like the Art, but has way less noise. It uses a 1:1 transformer.

I removed one resistor (similar to what people do with the Radial ProRMP) to remove the 20db pad it has, it works amazing now, the volume is great.

Here is the frequency response pre-mod:

Here is the freq response and THD post-mod:

I lost some sub bass frequencies but I can get them back by removing 2 more resistors I think.
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Have you tried turning track panning all way to left/ right (in DAW send to reamp output), it could help with re-amp gain?

BTW How do you do that analysis?
I am outputting a mono signal through a specific single output, I am at max possible gain.

The interface I have doesn't have a very strong output, Behringer UMC204HD, +3dbu only. Some interfaces have +24dbu outputs , with those I probably wouldn't have needed to mod this Orchid reamp box to remove the pad. If I ever get such an interface I can easily put bacl the resistor I took out and bring back the pad.

For the tests I use http://audio.rightmark.org/download.shtml

I also tested my 10 euro passive di box in reverse as a reamp box: https://www.thomann.de/gb/millenium_die_dibox_passiv.htm


It has more distortion and less dynamic range, also way less flat freq response.
I removed the other two resistors and I have an even hotter output, no more loss of lows and less distortion. wow!

Thanks for posting this, seems a good deal for a cheap reamp box.

I picked up one of their Classic DI's recently (only £36!) and it seems great. Only downside I've found is that the amp output isn't parallel linked to the inputs, so if you use the -20dB input the amp output drops 20db too. That said even with hot pickups the 0dB input has been fine for me.