Peter solos

Yeah I've always liked Peter's solos. Actually I always liked both Mike and Peter's solos because it's always about the music not how many notes they can stuff into a solo. They're very tasteful.
Am I wrong or is it Peter on Blackwater Park, just before the "this doesn't concern me here so far from the knell" bit?

Also, who's is the solo about 5:40 into Moonlapse?

Ah, okay, cool. The Moonlapse solo is one of my all-time favorites, for sure.
Yeah dude Its Peter's solo on moonlapse vertigo, I seen it on a live video a couple times, check it out on youtube. Solo's for Peter I always found more difficult, He has more technicality ability for his solos, mostly alot of Arpeggio/sweep licks in his solos. Mikes solos I find are much better for feeling and melodic wise though. Both very equal in a way. The solos Peter plays I know are as follows. Deliverance 1st Solo, Wreath 1st Solo, Fair judgement end of the main solo, Funeral Portrait- Trading off with Mikael, they do like 4 all together and that final outro solo is Peter's also. White Cluster-The second halve, and he does that 2nd solo near the end with the sweeps. Moonlapse is his solo like I said before. Umm, 2nd solo in Leper Affinity is Peter's, If you would classify that a solo or not, I do. Its weird too, the very first solo in an Opeth song was Peter's, in The mist she was standing, first solo is Peter's. Just watch the only old live version of it. Forest Of october- Most of the solo is his, after the tapping bit by Mikael. Beneath The Mire- Last solo. When Solo, And Im sure one of those solos from Black Rose Immortal is Peter's if not both of them, Im guessing the second one, since its harder and more of his style. I think thats all of his solo's, theres probably more on Orchid, cause that album had alot of soloing going on. And maybe another solo on MAYH is his. So I think thats all of them. And that solo by Akesson in Heir Apparent is fucking amazing, a very cool new sound, I thought I heard a bunch of sweeps in it, If so WOOOOOOOOOOOO
I just visited You Tube and found 2006 interview with Peter. I hadn't seen it, maybe its posted here before. But there are four parts of it and made by Faceculture.
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Peter soloing was amongst of my favourite solo styles ive ever heard, i fear fredrik has adifferent musicality toward solos but it maybe a 'good different' that has yet to be seen.......or heard.
The first solo in Wreath is one of my favourite Opeth solos. Although they've never done a bad solo, IMO.

I've seen Heir Apparent on Youtube, and Fredrik's solo is amazing. I'll miss Peter's solos, but I can think of worse guitarists to take over from him.

Can't wait for the new album. And for an Australian tour, I missed the last one, god damnit.
I was glad he only got the one solo on Ghost Reveries. His solo at the end of Beneath the Mire is one of the lowest points on the album for me. It's been my strong belief that his solos never came to the level of Mike's throughout the whole span of the band. I was excited to hear what sort of lead sounds the new guy would add but was pretty disappointed by the solo on Heir Apparent, at least the way it's played on the live video. Who knows, maybe its strength is in layers of harmony which can't be reproduced live *prays*.

What are you talking about dude? Peter's solos were great! I LOVE THEM!
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