May 18, 2001
Just posting my playlist:
Burzum: Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
Katatonia: Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Emperor: Wrath Of The Tyrant
Darkthrone: Transylvanian Hunger
At The Gates: Slaughter Of The Soul
The Haunted: The Haunted Made Me Do It
Dark Funeral: In The Sign...
(Opeth's "My Arms, Your Hearse" would be on here, but as I don't seem to have it anymore)

Night in Gales-Necrodynamic
Enter My Silence-Remotecontrolled Scythe
Withered Beauty-s/t
Edge of Sanity-Until Eternity Ends
Arcturus-La Masquerade Infernale
Eternal Tears of Sorrow-Vilda Mannu
Skinless-Progression Towards Evil
I still haven't managed to get ahold of a copy of "World ov Worms." What are your comments on it? I also heard that some retailers refused to carry it because they thought Zyklon was a nazi band.
World ov worms is excellent technical fast death metal, with top quality production, similiar to Morbid Angel. Very good.
definately recommended.

Theres an mp3 track up on their webpage (which I can't remember the url for at the moment)

Yeah I heard they couldn't get any distribution in France and some of the major retailers were refusing to stock it, Dicks.

I'm sure you could find it somewhere though. stock it.

Katatonia: Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Opeth:Blackwater Park
My Dying Bride:First 4 releases
Ved Buens Ende:Written In Waters
Morrisey:Viva Hate(funnily enough)
Burzum:All of
At The Gates 'Slughter Of The Soul'
Dissection 'Storm Of The Ligth's Bane'
Hypocrisy 'The Final Chapter'
Katatonia 'Brave Murder Day'
Rising Moon 'European Aliens'
The Haunted 'The Same'
Originally posted by MindMorgue
A fine selection there katatonic, but who are rising moon? I've never heard of them.


hi Mind Morgue
thanks so many! I love the death a lot Swedish metal........ for the Rising Moon they are a very small and unknown band... but very valid that I love to the folly! like me to sieve the underground and often meet interesting bands as them!
listen to them and give one judgment of yours to me

Mine is:

Burzum - All ('Dominus Sathanas' kills me everytime I listen to it)
Katatonia - All ('Without God' takes me away)
Faith No More - All
Phil Collins - First 5 albums - 'But seriously...' is great
Alice In Chains - All
Mother Love Bone - S/T
Ulver - All
Mayhem - Most of it
Thorns - Recordings from the '89-'91 era
Nocturnus - The key
King Diamond - Most of it
Marcyfull Fate - First 3 releases
Plasma Pool - Drowning
October Tide - 2 of 2
Ved Buens Ende - 2 of 2
Immortal - First 4 albums
Forgotten Woods - As the wolves gather
Joyless - Unlimited hate
Pan.Thy.Monium - All
Hades - ... Again shall be

and so on...
Playlist for this ending weekend;

Kult ov Azazel/Triumph of Fire
Immortal/At the heart of Winter
Raventhrone/Malice in Wonderland
Immolation/Closer to a world below
Triumphator/Wings of Anthichrist
Dimmu Borgir/Last two records
Moonspell/The butterfly effect & Wolfheart
Linbonic Art/In Abhorrence Dementia
Dark Funeral/Secrets of the Black Arts
Emperor/Emperor/Wrath of the Tyrant
Old Mans Child/Revelation 666
Van Halen/Greatest Hits
Mayhem/Darkthrone ......The True Legends of Black
Hi katatonic,

finally got round to checking out Rising Moon, good stuff, more brutal than I was expecting given the other bands you had listed but theres nothing wrong with that. :)


hi mindmorgue
it lets me like that you have liked RISING MOON..... my preferred song is ' BRUTAL KATATONIC(A) great!
do you have some other bands underground to recommend me?
let me know
Tenhi - Kauan
Empyrium - all
Katatonia - from BMD to LFDGD
Opeth - all, of course
In the Woods... - all
Blazing Eternity - Times and unknown waters
The 3rd & the Mortal - all
My Dying Bride - all from TLTS till this day(including the Portishead cover of Roads)
Anathema - every goddamn note
Saturnus - all
Yearning - all
Ulver - all
Emperor - Anthems to the Welkin at dusk
Bogus Blimp - cords.wires
Arcturus - all
Dimmu Borgir - Enthrone & Spiritual
the Gathering - all, especially How to measure a planet?
Tiamat - all, especially Wildhoney & A deeper kind of slumber
Amorphis - from Tales till Am Universum
Moonspell - all
Sentenced - all
Samael - everything from Passage to Eternal

uhhhhh......that's all what is up to my mind right now.....
What did I listen to recently...

Fates Warning - Chasing Time (the compilation)
Chinchilla - Madness
Children of Bodom - Follow the Reaper
Opeth - Blackwater Park
Edguy - Vain Glory Opera
Metallica - Ride the Lightning
Dissection - Storm of the Light's Bane
Therion - Theli
Savatage - Handful of Rain
Iced Earth - Something Wicked This Way Comes
Strapping Young Lad - City
Devin Townsend - Infinity
Devin Townsend - Physicist
Dimmu Borgir - Spiritual Black Dimensions
Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond
Slayer - Reign in Blood

and then some...
For last week:
1 Sadist-all albs
2 Cynic-Roadrunner demo
3 Atheist-Unquestionable Presence
4 Death-The Sound of Perseverance(is was the week of techno-death:)
5 Sirrah-Will Tomorrow Come?
6 Anathema-Judgement
7 Katatonia-Sounds Of Decay
8 Solitude Aeternus-Adagio
9 Exit 13-?
10 Lacrimosa-Elodia
Katatonia -Jhva elohim meth-
Katatonia -Dance of december souls-
Katatonia -For funerals to come..-
Katatonia -Sounds of decay-
Katatonia -Brave Murder Day-
Katatonia -Saw you drown-
Katatonia -Discouraged ones-
Katatonia -Tonight's decision-
Katatonia -Teargas-
Katatonia -Last fair deal gone down-
Emperor -In the nightside eclipse- (it is a masterpiece)
Emperor -Anthems to the welkin at dusk-
Dark Throne -Transilvanian hunger-
Dark Throne -Panzerfaust-
Evereve -Stormbirds-
Evereve -Seasons-
Burzum -Aske-
Burzum -Hvis lyset tar oss-
Burzum -Filozofem-
Burzum -Det som en gang var-
Mayhem -Deathcrush-
Mayhem -De myteriis dom satanas-
Immortal -Pure holocaust-
Anathema -Pentacost III-
Setherial -Nord-
Dimmu Borgir -Spiritual black dimensions-
Opera IX -Sacro culto-
Opera IX -The black opera-
Throne of ahaz -Nifelheim-
Elend -The umbersun-
Setherial -Lords of the nightrealm-
and also Portishead -all-,Jay Jay Johanson -Poison-,Tea Party -all-