The Best Blackmetal-albums Ever...?

Caelum Adustum said:
I'd probably place DMDS 4th on my list, after only what I mentioned earlier. I guess I prefer those 3 because aside from being great metal albums, they are so a religious experience I suppose.
I would definitely say the same about DMDS, but maybe not as religious and more hateful, cold and dead.
All in all, I can think of albums more evil, more cold, more complex, albums with better vocals, albums with better production, albums with better general songwriting AND SO ON than DMDS, but DMDS is second best on nearly all charts or whatever of that kind, and the pure emotion delivered through the (non-filler) haunting, perfect riffs and the (great) supulchral voice of Attila and everything else on the album makes it the best ever. The only thing that could have made it better was if Dead had been the vocalist, but they picked the second best.
Sorath said:
V.V.V etc and Caelum Adustum: I don't agree, DMDS is the best album ever in my not-so-humble opinion. I think that's all I have to say here.

I disagree, and it's not like we're going to change anyone's minds.

Demiurge said:
The new DSO.....not at all.

Haha you're a fucking moron.
I have to make a new list:

Burzum: Burzum/Aske
Ildjarn: I am not sure which album
Ulver: Bergtatt
Nargaroth: Herbstleyd
Burzum: Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
Negura Bunget: N'Crugu Bradului
Burzum: Det Som Engang Var
Darkthrone: Transsilvanian Hunger
Gorgoroth: Antichrist
Immortal: Battles in the North
Shroud of Despondency: For Eternity Brings no Hope

IMO Emperor are not Black Metal (not judging their quality - just the stile).
I noticed I made my original post some time last year now it is different.

Moonblood - Blut und Krieg
Moonblood - Taste Our German Steel
Graveland - Thousand Swords
Burzum - Det Som Engang Var
Darkthrone - A Blaze in the Northern Sky
Grand Belial's Key - Mocking the Philanthropist/Castrate the Redeemer
Mjolnir - Hinweg uber die Tore der Zeit
Nokturnal Mortum - Lunar Poetry
Immortal - Battles in the North
Aborym - Kali Yuga Bizarre
Art Inferno - Abyssus Abyssum Invocat
Belmez - Wundgrind
Tvangeste - Firestorm
Summoning - Dol Guldur
Varathron - His Majesty at the Swamp
Nagelfar - Srontgorrth
Kawir - Epoptia
Deathspell Omega - the new one
Necromantia - Scarlet Evil Witching Black
Ohhh my, (Dodheimsgard - Kronet til konge), (Osculum Infame - Dor nu fauglith), (Behemoth - From the pagan vastlands/Sventevith) anyone??? :ill:
Ivan the terrible said:
Dodheimsgard - Kronet til konge

This is indeed a good album, I would have listed it, but I decided to just put my 3 absolute favourites rather than every black metal CD I own like a lot of people on here.
Actually Kronet til konge has never really clicked for me, and I've given it several tries. I find it strange, and objectively I'd say that it SHOULD rule, but personally I don't find it special at all.
My first list represents just getting into Black Metal, and I've greatly expanded since then, but since my list would be monotonous, I see no point in a new one.
He was commenting on the fact that it has little to do with DMDS, not criticising the album. In fact, I believe he was complimenting it by saying it has practically no resemblance to DMDS.
Freanan said:
Shroud of Despondency: For Eternity Brings no Hope
I realy thought for a while that I was the only person who had heard, or liked this album.

My list:

Burzum - Filosofem
Abyssic Hate - Suicidal Emotions
Astriaal - Renascent Misanthropy
Blut Aus Nord - The Work Which Transforms God
Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger
Xasthur - The Funeral of Being
Rev. Kriss Hades - The Winds of Orion
Deathspell Omega - Inquisitors of Satan
Immortal - Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism
Graveland - Thousand Swords
Drudkh - Autumn Aurora
VVVVV got pwned. Sorry, man. :(

I personally found most of the vocals on GDOW much more grating than on DMDS.