The Best Blackmetal-albums Ever...?

Let's all bitch and moan about how everybody's picking albums that we don't like, and then complain that all of the main people are picking the same albums!!!

Wait, what? That's what we've BEEN doing?? Oh yeah, that's right.

Shut the fuck up. Nobody gives a shit if you disagree with them, or find their opinions funny.
Dodens Grav said:
people are picking the same albums!!!

Indeed. Any album I would have mentioned has already been done. I would like to argue on various album merits but feeling too lazy atm.

However, I will add a band that no one has mentioned:


If you can find their stuff, I urge you do that. Makes for a good listen.
TaylorC said:
And I find your post equally hilarious as well. Just what UM needs: more elitist assholes to say "my music is better than your music". :err:

I'm not an elitist. Actually i'll admit i'm a newbie, it's just i saw quite a few posts in this thread praising emperor. I saw a bunch of Naglfar, Marduk, Carpathian Forest, etc which was funny. DMDS quite a few times. Personally i don't see anything interesting about those bands. Perhaps i'm missing something with them too? :err: but whatever. It's all about taste. I just don't see how someone can put Carpathian Forest especially at the top of their list. I found it a bit funny.
Cryptkeeper said:
I've seen live videos of them. The bassist and guitarist were so fat they could barley move on stage.
I've seen them live. They're disgustingly fat, Nattefrost looks skinny beside them. Nattefrost also threw up in the microphone in the middle of a sentence and at the encore he smeared his ugly body in the vomit. Disgustiung behaviour from a disgusting band led by a disgusting man who makes disgusting (And great) music.