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ghetto philosopher
Jul 7, 2001
behind closed eyelids
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I just thought I'd tell you guys that I picked up their "On the Sunday of Life..." album today. I know they have been mentioned here before, and I am thankful that you guys informed me of this talented band. Oooooh, the amazing sounds coming from my speakers... :eek:
Aye. Now get the last two records, "Lightbulb Sun" and "Recordings" ! I find them to be the best ones, and the funniest thing is that "Recordings" is an outtakes collection, and is still as great as other albums. If you really like the "trippier" songs, get "The Sky Moves Sideways".

NP: Chick Corea - The Leprechaun
Stupid Dream and Signify are great as well...the former being a more warm and melodic album with a few surprises while the latter is a dark psychedelic excursion, mostly instrumental...edited to include song suggestions.

from SD - Even Less, Slave Called Shiver, Don't Hate Me, Stranger By The Minute
from Signify: Every Home Is Wired, Waiting (both parts), Idiot Prayer, Dark Matter
That is exciting! I recently purchased Recordings and adore it! What a voice, what music! :D
dunno 'On the Sunday of Life' didn't hit home with me at all.
but let me tell you that i pick up 'Lightbulb Sun'
sometimes, and its great. a year ago, I
wouldn't haven't been caught dead
listening to stuff like this, but now
i would, and its proof that the
ear is become more
refined with
time. :)
Check out some Steve Wilson side/solo projects aswell.

IEM are my favourite at the moment, quite dark psychedelia. The latest album "Arcadia Sun" is only out on vinyl at the moment and thenre is currently a CD that has just been released called "IEM Have Come For Your Children". These are both extrememly good and remind me of the the darker, more instrumental parts on "On The Sunday Of Life".

Check them out. You can only buy the CD from the following website: www.burningshed.com because it's not available from any shops.
Thanks for the suggestions. I really just stumbled across that cd and decided to buy it. I figured that it probably wasn't their best. I will definitely have to check out their other stuff as well as Steve Wilson's side/solo projects.