Quick comment on views of 9/11/01


Papa Opeth
May 19, 2001
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I understand how many hate the US. I understand how "things" like this happen around the world, and much more frequently. I understand lives are lost everyday.

But I'm tired of heqaring and reading about comparisons to other incidents, and how this was bound to happen. Duh. Just look at this incident in a nutshell without comparison to others, and without emotion and beliefes of US diplomacy and its errors. This particular act just plain sucked. It wasn;t the worst ever - I think Hitler takes the cake there, BUT, it's a totally unimportant arguement to compare. Yesterday was a dark and sick day all on it's own.

And I sympathise with those who sum up the world and act a little cold towards this whole day. It was an act of mass murder, plain and simple. Yeah, we need reasons, and we need someone to blame so we can react, exact revenge, war? can begin. It's all acts of human nature. It still sucked, and innocent people lost their lives. A single murder on the street is senseless. This is just senseless times 10,000?.

I', mad and disgusted, and thanks for letting me vent.