Recabinet 2.0 Modern and Vintage - May 21


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Mar 6, 2002
Lots of hard work and tons of feedback from you guys have gone into this update. I'm very excited about it, let me know if you have any questions!

I want to say first off that any of you who were unhappy with the overall "dark" sound to version 1.0 will be very pleased that things are balanced out now. The problem was actually the Universal Audio preamp we used for 1.0 - it's a dark mic pre with just about any mic or application, as it turns out. We've switched to API 3124 now - MUCH better sound this time due to this and some other differences in approach this time. Also much higher resolution IRs, 400 megs worth in fact!

Update: I made a quick KsE inspired audio clip, posted later in the thread here.

More audio clips will be posted as soon as they are ready, most likely in a week or so.


Recabinet 2.0 Release Date, Details Announced
Modern and Vintage Guitar Speaker Cabinet Simulation Library Grows

Santa Barbara, CA, April 27, 2009 — Kazrog LLC has announced the forthcoming release of Recabinet 2.0 Modern and Vintage. Released in November of 2008 to rave reviews and widespread use in both commercial and home recording studios, the Recabinet Modern 1.0 convolution impulse response library brought the sound of legendary guitar speaker cabinets paired up with industry standard microphones to the Macs and PCs of guitarists and producers everywhere. On May 21, 2009, Recabinet Modern 2.0 will be released simultaneously with a new expansion pack, Recabinet Vintage 2.0.​
Product Details

All version 2.0 Recabinet convolution impulse responses were recorded using an API 3124 microphone preamp into Apogee D/A converters. Recabinet 2.0 Modern and Vintage are compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, and Fractal Audio AxeFX.​
Recabinet Modern 2.0 Cabinets:
  • “Tangerine 4×12” - Orange 4×12
  • “1960 4×12″ - Marshall 1960AV 4×12
  • “Excel 4×12” - Randall RS412XLT100 4×12
  • “Ghandi 4×12″ - Mesa Standard 4×12 (newly resampled for version 2.0)
  • Plus the entire Recabinet Modern 1.0 library
Recabinet Vintage 2.0 Cabinets/Combos:
  • “Motown 1×15″ - Ampeg Portaflex B15N bass amp.
  • “Blackface 4×10″ - Fender ‘65 Super Reverb 4×10
  • “Tweed 1×12″ - Fender ‘53 Deluxe 1×12
  • “Green 4×12″ - Marshall 4×12 with Greenbacks
  • “Zodiac 2×12″ - Selmer Zodiac Twin 30
  • “Top Boost 2×12″ - Vox AC30
Recabinet 2.0 Microphones:
  • “57″ - Shure SM57 - industry standard dynamic microphone, the most popular microphone for guitar recording.
  • “545″ - Shure Unidyne III 545 - sought-after vintage predecessor to the Shure SM57, known for its smooth response, appreciated by those in the know.
  • “121″ - Royer 121 - legendary modern ribbon mic, extremely popular in modern recordings.
  • “409″ - Sennheiser MD409 - legendary vintage side-address dynamic microphone, used on many modern and classic recordings.
  • “421″ - Sennheiser MD421 - legendary dynamic mic, used on many modern and classic recordings.
  • “i5″ - Audix i5 - modern industry standard dynamic microphone, for a full-range, aggressive response.
  • “D6″ - Audix D6 - modern kick drum mic, great for getting the low “cabinet rumble” tone as a blend-in with your primary tone.
  • “U87″ - Neumann U87 - legendary condenser microphone with incredibly detailed, musical response.
  • “RTA” - DBX RTA reference microphone, known for its perfectly flat response and high SPL rating. Useful especially for Fractal Audio AxeFX users, and cool for everyone else!
Recabinet 2.0 Microphone Positions:
  • On-the-grill, 0.5 inch, 1 inch, 4 inch*, 6 inch*, 12 inch* and far field** depths available
  • Speaker cap, edge of cap and cone, mid-cone, and 45 degree angle positions
* 121 mic only
** RTA and 121 mics only
Power Sections
  • Randall RT2/50 power amp with 6L6 power tubes (with all 4×12 cabinets)
  • Randall RT2/50 power amp with EL34 power tubes (with all 4×12 cabinets)
  • All other cabinets are amplifier combos, powered using their native power sections.
Version Notes
The Recabinet 2.0 impulse responses were captured using new techniques, resulting in a much larger, higher resolution library that recreates the feeling of playing through miked up guitar cabinets with far more detail than version 1.0. With both Recabinet 2.0 Modern and Vintage packs installed, the complete library spans over 1600 impulse responses and 400 megabytes (40 times the file size of Recabinet Modern 1.0.)​
  • Recabinet Modern 2.0 and Recabinet Vintage 2.0 go on sale May 21 for the price of $40 USD each.
  • The full bundle, Recabinet Complete 2.0, will also be available at the discounted price $70 USD.
  • Free downloadable demo of the Recabinet 2.0 library will be available soon.
  • Recabinet Modern 1.0 owners will receive the Recabinet Modern 2.0 upgrade FREE.
  • Recabinet Modern 1.0 owners will be able to purchase Recabinet Vintage 2.0 for just $20 USD until June 21, 2009.
  • Recabinet TH1 edition owners will receive upgrade information and instructions soon.
About Recabinet

Recabinet is a product line dedicated to the art and science of direct guitar tone. Recabinet Modern 1.0 was released in November 2008 to rave reviews and widespread use in both commercial and home recording studios. writes “…the sound of the real cabinet is captured very, very well.”​
Recabinet products are made with an obsessive love for analog sound, and a commitment to providing the most realistic digital emulation of analog sound possible, using the latest state-of-the-art technology. Mobility and convenience are paramount to modern digital recording, and Recabinet recognizes that this priority set too often is the enemy of sound quality and musicality. Recabinet is here to be the exception to the rule - Recabinet provides maximum convenience with maximum quality, at a minimal cost to entry.​
About Kazrog LLC

Kazrog LLC is a software and production company founded by Shane McFee, the vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, producer mastermind behind progressive metal band Backmask.​
Shane McFee, CEO
Kazrog LLC
Will be nice a mini-free-demo of at least one new impulse to check it out.
Thank you Shane for making IR's with a 421!! This is one of my favorite mics and I've been dying for IR's like this! I'll definitely have to get this!!
I'll definitely be posting clips with the e530 soon. The website needs to be redesigned but maybe I'll post some clips early here just for you guys...
OK, I decided to stay up all night and record a quick, Killswitch Engage inspired clip for you guys from scratch:

The vibe here is designed to be kind of a mutant cross between the "Alive and Just Breathing" and "The End of Heartache" albums.

Guitars are double tracked with my ESP LTD F2005 loaded with EMG 85 pickups into my ENGL e530.

The rhythm guitar IRs are Recabinet Modern 2.0 of course - Ghandi 4x12 cab with 6L6 power tubes, 57 mic on axis in the edge position, 0.5 inches away, blended with the same cab, only with EL34 power tubes, and the 421 mic on axis in the same position as the 57.

For the short lead guitar bits at the end, I double tracked the part, once as octaves and once as single notes. This time it's the 1960 4x12 cab with both tracks using 6L6 power tubes and the U87 mic on the grill in the edge position.

The bass (LTD agathis wood 5 string with dead strings) is also using Recabinet IRs - this time it's the Motown 1x15 cab from Recabinet Vintage 2.0 (AKA 1965 Ampeg Portaflex B15N - an amazing vintage bass amp), with the D6 mic in the edge position 0.5 inches away. I used the (awesome) Studio Devil VBA plugin to give it a bit of preamp gain before it hits the IR.

Drums are SSD 3.0 "Cracky Metal" kit.

All guitar tracks are totally dry - no post processing of any kind, not even EQ. Just ENGL e530 into SIR2 with Recabinet 2.0 IRs. :cool:

This is just barely scratching the surface possibility wise, even if we're just talking about metal oriented stuff.

Thanks again for all the support and suggestions, without you guys this wouldn't have been possible! :kickass:
I'm diggin' it. I'll definitely have to look into getting this as another good tool for an endless variety of guitar sounds. For the "Vintage" set, do you plan to do some small jazzy/bluesy demos. I know you got the skills for it.
I'm diggin' it. I'll definitely have to look into getting this as another good tool for an endless variety of guitar sounds. For the "Vintage" set, do you plan to do some small jazzy/bluesy demos. I know you got the skills for it.

Thanks! Yes, I'm going to do a lot of clips, all different styles, and I am going to try to enlist some friends to do some clips as well. :cool: