Useful Idiot

The Infested Monkey
Jul 20, 2001
What does everyone here think of Soilwork? I just started listening to Chainheart Machine and Predator's Portrait...seems like pretty good stuff.

Also, does anyone know where I could find the full lyrics to Chainheart Machine?
Soilwork's old stuff rules. I can't handle 'a predators portrait' at all, they've overdone the clean vocals, and they've done the same thing as in flames in regard to painting themselves into a corner structure-wise. the whole album is just 'intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo, chorus'. It gets pretty monotonous after a few listens.

Give me steelbath suicide or chainheart machine anyday. Best songs are definately room no.99, demon in veins, skin after skin.
Great band, a few months ago I bought "A Predator´s Portrait" and this album is amasing! I don´t now the other work but I can´t believe that it would be bad!