Songs that showcase Opeths talent



A mate of mine asked me what Opeth songs he should check out and this got me thinking what songs should i play for him that really showcase all of Opeths talents and the different aspects of their music. What would you guys reckon are the songs that best show off all of the talent that Opeth has to offer?

For me im going to be very uncool and say Deliverance becuase it really integrates the various aspects of Opeths repertoire from the extremely heavy and brutal sections with death vocals, to more melodic interludes with clean singing, clean musical sections and that awesome instrumental section over the last few minutes of the song.

Also, for the earlier days, Advent is another song that seems to stand out as one that shows us what Opeth are talented of.

So what songs that best illustrate the bands talent, if you could only pick 2 or 3, would you play to a person first getting into Opeth and why?