Thales Track With Vocals!

It is very similar but remember my comments about the vocals wich further make it sound like opeth cause he sounds a lot like mikael. I wouldnt recomend you get other thales tracks because some of them are even more opeth driven imho.
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clean vocal sucks, period.

this song is TOO much like opeth, jesus christ.

overall, not impressed.

i doubt you will get anywhere
Woah. Be as negative about yourself as you like, but saying things like that is just fucking stupid. Thales are far more talented than you, and they have the attitude to achieve a nice level of success, unlike you. Dont go throwing you're own negativity onto someone else. The fact that you think the song sounds to opeth-like has very little to do with whether they will get any success or not. Im sure the guys appreciate constructive criticism, but that was just plain criticism, and the vast majority of it was subjective, or simply not justified... seems like you just wanted to attack.

i guess you can keep it up tho if you want
I bet the thales guys are very pleased you've given them permission.

If your gonna review some people's song then try and be objective, and when your saying subjective things make sure you point it out. No need to put people down just for the hell of it. If you're gonna say something negative then give advice and stuff. And try and make positive assumptions about people, rather than negative ones.

Anyway, here's my opinion. As you guys know already some thales songs im not a big fan of the structure (the distortion-clean-distortion-clean thing which SD pointed out)....and this song is one of those ones. But i also know for a fact that the higher up your song numbers get the more coherant and flowing and songlike the songs get.

Vocals do have a large improvement on this song, bringing together a lot of parts and it does feel more complete, however when i listen, this song still feels disconnected. Once vocals are added to the later songs however i can see you're gonna have some great complete songs, which will make this more unique in its sudden changes. If the quick mood changes are done on purpose maybe you need to emphasise them a bit, to make the song reallllly feel like it changes all the time. Could come out well and fit really well on the album, but of course it depends on what you were aiming for.

The main change thats left that i dislike is the one that happens about 6:30.. seems to sudden, maybe simply a longer pause would emphasise the fast pace change of the next riff, rather than as it is.

Vocals are great, death vox are awesome and overall i think they have been well written and well placed in the song.

Clean vox are written well, i really dont think they are sung as badly as SD seems to say, you definitely have it in you to record some really great vocals once it comes time to record properly and enjoy listening to the vocals on this track as it is, though they arent perfectly sung. The vocal lines are interesting and emotional and add another dimension to the acoustic sections and seem completely connected to the guitars while being their own thing as well. Oh and i was hanging out for the bit at 4:04-4:16 to be repeated again, but it never happened, wouldve sounded cool :)

Im sure ive already mentioned stuff about the rest of the song, so i wont go into any more detail than simply summing up by saying i love the riffs, i love the vocals, most of the structure now sounds really cool (exceptions previously mentioned) and overall a really good song, though not to the standard of your later tracks imo (mainly in structure and originality). Opeth influenced definitely, but theres also definitely a thales sound, and your progressing that sound with each song so i see no problems, the only problem would be if you were going out of your way to try and sound like opeth, which i dont believe you are.


more vocals


Yep, me likey.

What I've already said about the music on the review thread I won't repeat here, but the vocals make the song seem less dist-clean-dist-clean-dist. The suspect structure is less obvious with vox added.

As for the vocals themselves, the lack of rehearsal is quite obvious. But I still think that they are sung well, although not as well as on Farmakon (he's holding out on you :p). The lyrics are fantastic, really add to the whole feel of the song. I noticed a couple of pronunciation errors, but these do nothing to take away from the song. I also noticed some potential for some Akerfeldt-style roaring (don't know whether you want to go that route or not).

Quick! Record another! :D
Actually, listening to the song a few times over I have to say the clean-dist-clean-dist thing doesn't flow too well.. I can hack it in Opeth's music because they have the ability to make it flow, but your track seems kind of forced. Also I think that 9 minutes is a bit too long for it... it starts sounding a bit monotonous to me after a while.

Just some criticism! Good work nonetheless, still a great track.
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Most likely we'll burn the .wav on a couple of CDs and give them around in case someone wants a copy. We'll re-record everything properly in the studio once we sign.

I can smell a meeting taking place in Corner Bar.. :p

No, I haven't.
We used SoundForge to record all the wavs, ModPlugTracker to assemble all the spliced guitar & bass wavs into a seamless stream of noises, along with the programmed drums. Then we did some compressing, EQing and added effects (delay, mostly) in SoundForge. I used CoolEdit Pro to mix the vocals into the previous "final mix".

Oh yes...
Hmm, it would be most cool to see your band. This autumn?
Corner Bar, RCM?
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Oh yes...
Hmm, it would be most cool to see your band. This autumn?
Corner Bar, RCM?

I'm the other member in StorTroll's band. I'm up for a meeting too, of course! ;)
But let's not plug us here to give credit to Thales! ;)

On first listen everything sounds great, in particular the opening riffs and the last few minutes. Some very cool moods all over the song, and not too obvious but quite original. The death vox are absolutely superb... Can't comment on song structure yet really.
I'm listening to it now... I like it, and I read the lyrics on my own. I like them, actually. The change between heavy and light does seem a bit drastic and without enough transition. I think it comes off a lot better during the moments with vocals (particularly during the heavier parts) as the music doesn't stand as well on its own.. But overall, I do like it, and I like the potential... Well, hope my opinion counts for anything, hehe.

sorry. had to get that off my chest.

I like it, pretty decent... the clean vocals are too dramatic... while everyone has said "STOP BEING LIKE OPETH", i beg to differ, some mikael style clean vox (no vibrato) would be decent... They remind me of something, but i can't remember what.

It really reminds me of morningrise era opeth actually...

I can't help but get the image of tyhe cookie monster with those death vox, sorry... :lol: The screamy bits are cool, but the gutteral parts are just :eck: and :lol:

cool stuff.

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Haha Yeah the Cookie monster freaks!

@Stortroll: Any weekend is fine for me...
gotta ask others when they got the money to do it :D

Nice...yos voice! OK. How about friday on 6th september?
Whoops. We'll see, that'll be the day when I have to teach fellow younger students to party for the very first time! Responsibility issue. ;) Maybe the following day, Saturday 7th...?
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Whoops. We'll see, that'll be the day when I have to teach fellow younger students to party for the very first time! Responsibility issue. ;) Maybe the following day, Saturday 7th...?

Fine with me. How about the others?
19 minutes left...

I shouldn't have, but I read all the comments. I see the comments on the clean vocals. I've heard Wisdom Pearls vocals in Farmakon. It was great! Most vocals that are recorded *like that* aren't that spectacular. Akerfeldt's clean vocals in some live shows are :err: as good. I've heard the same voice box sound good. I'll see myself in about 7 minutes.

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19 minutes left...
I'll see myself in about 7 minutes.

That post took you 12 minutes to write? Slow typer :p :)
That post took you 12 minutes to write? Slow typer :p :)

Are you really curious or just in a ball-buster mood? :) Slow typist? No, it's those confounded distractions. It's a good thing they pay me to pretend to work here! :dopey:

It took over an hour to download. I took for granted that I'd be able to sign back on and finish where I left off. I signed off at 12 minutes left and then signed off at 23 minutes left the second time and... well, I had to copy over the download 3 times before I could stay online for an hour and get it all. :rolleyes:

I liked knowing how the song goes and then hearing the added lyrics. Did I ever tell you I really like that melody at 1:50? Well, I do. "Fogbound"? "Be-kon-ing". ;) Was that an "ooh!" at about 7:35ish? I like the way the vocals picked up the pace with the faster riffs around there. They (to me) never cracked or sounded off key. I think in a better recording atmosphere, it'd be sweet.

That's cool. I definitely like the ending of that song a lot. It'll be great when you guys finally play it live in concert. It'll be a good closer. :D

At least he doesn't make typos...

He... she... I guess we're all uni online. :)