The Absolute Mastery of THALES


May 2, 2001
.. from grey to black
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Holy sweet fuck. I'm am completely blown away.

Being the braindead slacker that I am who's work computer doesn't have a working soundcard and who is still chugging along at 56k at home, I didn't get around to hearing the new Thales tune, Torn (with vocals! :)) until tonight (I sincerely apologize guys). It took a while to d/l, but eventually I got it, and it was soooooooo worth the wait.

For those of you who haven't heard this, you can find it at If you love prog death metal (and if you don't you are in the wrong forum, hehe) then you simply must hear this.

Guys, let me try to express my appreciation for your efforts and give you the recognition you surely deserve. As some here probably know I'm an opinionated bastard, and I definitely have a very strongly held opinion on this, so bear with me while I slip into rant mode, heheh... (I really mean everything I'm about to say here, I'm not just "being nice" so please don't think that for a second)

First off, being a drummer myself, I have to say, Orchid, you are un-fucking-real. I didn't realize the extent of your talents. Much respect my friend. You have inspired me so much, you have know idea. Btw, the lyrics you sent me last week on msn were sooooooooo fucking cool, you really captured what you were trying to express and said it with poetic passion and emotional insight, I could *feel* it, that state of mind, that sense of blank wisdom. The lyrics to Torn are fucking cool too!

Hease, Jani, the way you guys work together is just amazing. The sound of your guitars are sooo clean and compressed. Your timing is incredible. Your silky smoothness just blows me away. Your experimentation with harmonies/keys is pure mastery. Your sense of rhythm is incredible. You are extremely inventive and unique. What else can I say? You guys fucking RULE!!!! :) :)

Juha, your bass playing is awesome. Perfectly polished, truly professional. I loved the sound of your bass, it's very clear and precise sounding.

Marko, holy FUCK! I hadn't heard you sing before, though Orchid had mentioned you were amazing, damn, I didn't realize how he was being somewhat modest about you. I had no idea you were that amazing. You have such a gritty/angry and yet smooth quality to your growling, and such a range of inflection and feeling, so much control. Shit! SHIT!!! I fucking love your clean vocals too, so beautiful and mournful, pure poetry in motion. Beautiful melody on the clean stuff, simply beautiful. Such cool timing on the death chanting/screaming. A true talent like yours is something to revere and admire, and I really do, and I just hope I was able to express how much.

Torn is such a great fucking tune. Truly progressive, melodic, purely enchanting. Always dynamic, never boring, it demands my attention throughout and keeps me guessing. Such a range of emotion, feelings of anger, desparation, dispair, longing, passion, beauty, and oh so proggy!!!! :) It literally brought tears to my eyes.

Guys, guys, I'm in awe. I'm so happy that you have given this effort. I really think you guys have well entered into a calibur of professionalism and song writing that few will reach. I totally feel what you are expressing with this, and I loved feeling it. I'm so glad you've chosen to create music like this. Your band is a true gem in my book. You guys so deserve a record deal. I have my testicles permanently crossed in hopes that you'll get signed soon and put out a full length great sounding prog death album in the vein of Torn. The world of prog death needs Thales to be complete. Nothing would make me happier than to own such an album, I would cherish it more than I can put into words. I would love to see you guys do a tour and come to Canada so I could see you play, let me fucking assure you, Toronto would LOVE you guys, your brand of polished perfection would really be appreciated (as I'm sure it will be everywhere else too).

Anyway, I'm blown away and so impressed. I think you guys are destined to have a great career ahead of you, and I don't think you'll have a shortage of fans at all either!

Stay positive, keep playing, stay together (you guys are such a great combination of all the right stuff). If you ever need some outspoken arrogant bastard to hassel record companies and tell them they are fucking stupid for not giving you guys a record deal like yesterday, just say the word ;) Seriously, my deepest respect, admiration, and graditude for your efforts. I am honoured to know you guys and to have this chance to personally tell you how much your music means to me. Respect...!! :)

Originally posted by Satori
I've noticed the people who listen to metal are more likely to be hateful assholes. Has anyone else noticed this?


PS: Thales are fucking great :)

What i noticed is that people prejudges hatefull people putting stupid little stereotypes like "they must listen to metal" when in reality they are fucking tired of the genre and are listening to jazz and other things lately.
Originally posted by Misanthrope
What i noticed is that people prejudges hatefull people putting stupid little stereotypes like "they must listen to metal" when in reality they are fucking tired of the genre and are listening to jazz and other things lately.

Whatever you listen to, you're a dick head and you're destined to have a shitty life because of it. I don't think I'm alone in saying that your opinions are worthless and no one wants to hear you.
When i first heard them i was amazed. I heard the Opeth influence immediately, but i still thought they were amazing. After some listening, however, i think you guys are a little too unoriginal. It doesn't mean you still don't rock and are great musicians, because you're still just as amazing as you were the first time i heard you. I do think you need to be more original though.
Well keep up the good work, you're a talented group!
I feel that if you're going to take up the task of creating 10 minute epic songs that you need to explore alot more variety in the music... The Opeth influence is definately audible and that can be either a good or bad thing I suppose, depending which way you decide to go with the song writing.

I like the track, I think it's really awesome for the most part, but it's like halfway between Opeth and nu-metal of sorts (the clean vocals really remind me of SOAD) and I think you either need to go one way or the other.
Torn kicks my ass for sure, but wait 'till you guys get to hear Make-Believe Logic (previously known as song13) - for those lucky enough, you know what I mean when I say that it rocks.

When I need to be picked up right into insta-headbang all-is-good prog metal bliss mode, I throw that track on.

Oh, and nothing Opeth has ever done sounds really anything like it. *cough*misanthropecanshoveit*cough*. Excuse me.
Originally posted by saturnix
for once, satori, you and i are in complete agreement.

what's your opinion on farkmakon, btw?

I for one am very very impressed by Farmakon, the song of the new demo really kicks a lot of ass, as do the older ones, even though the production on the first demo isn't the best.
Originally posted by Id
Yeah, they're a bit unoriginal, but they are still very good. Maybe with time they'll find a truly original sound. Either way, I like them.

That depends on whenever they let the comments of stupid opeth fanboys get to their heads or not.
Originally posted by Misanthrope
That depends on whenever they let the comments of stupid opeth fanboys get to their heads or not.

LOL, with you around to shoot them in the foot, I doubt if they'll last too long.