The Absolute Mastery of THALES

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That's a little better, and I suppose for you it's outstanding, however, you have made a snap judgement based on insufficient data and now you'll probably cling to your innane presumption because of your fear of being wrong. So typical.

Not that I expect you to understand, but saying something like: "in my opinion this is lacking in talent" is an idiotic statement because talent (ie. chops, the ability to play chords, beats, screams) exists mostly in the realm of the objective, that is, either someone can play or they can't and this fact exists independently of what we think of it personally. Some of us can make this distinction but most of us can't. I think it's pretty obvious which side of the fence you are currently residing.

Hopefully you have learned something, and I'm sure you have, though I suspect you are probably still a little immateur just yet to acknowledge it, which is also very typical. So I think your best bet is to stick with what has worked for you so far, that is, resorting to presumptions and name calling to make up for your lack of insight. Now please demonstate this some more so we can all enjoy your inadvertant humour ;)


I don't know that I'd call what I made a snap judgement. I didn't say that all you listen to is recyclyed crap, but in this instance you stated very enthusiatically that you're very impressed by music that in my opinion is completely useless and tired. Also, to set the record straight, heres the dictionary definition of talent: A marked innate ability, as for artistic accomplishment; and here's the definition of skill: Proficiency, facility, or dexterity that is acquired or developed through training or experience. I never said a thing about the chaps in Thales lacking skill. They all play their instruments competently enough, but as for talent, I don't think they have the innate ability to do anything above and beyond ordinary. So, from now on, please try and understand the difference between talent and skill before posting, and never assume the meaning of what I say because I don't put it in the plainest of terms for your weak mind to understand.
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What should i do know go outside the door and burn all my jazz cds crying cause you dont believe me? forget about all the harmony stuff i learned and use on my songs? you are truly one of a kind :D
No, did someone say you should?
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Not so, and I believe you are reading a little too deeply into what I said, and I will explain:

I, for example, am very cautious when I talk about things that are in the realm of objectivity, which is why I have no problems saying that I think that Beyonce chick from the pop group Destiny's Child is a fucking *amazing* vocalist. She is. Do I like her and buy her albums? No, but that doesn't change the cold fact that she can sing fucking circles around most people, and this fact exists independent of how much someone likes or doesn't like her.

Our new friend Ian on the other hand seems unable to make such a distinction, and so do most people for that matter, so it's not I've made some huge insult.

Aside from this, there is no "lack of talent" here, these guys CAN play and that's so fucking obvious. I'm not saying that any of them could join the group Yes tommorow or anything, but saying "lack of talent", that's just fucking innane and obviously a load of crap.

The "can you do better" line was only served to demonstrate this. Someone can critique a meal or a movie, I don't have any problem with that, but to suggest that the person responsible for the production of that meal or movie has a "lack of talent" is simply foolish if and only if that meal is or movie is complex in nature and so obviously well executed, and also, if and only if the person making the comment IS himself a cook or a director who ACTUALLY HAS A FUCKING CLUE about what is involved in the prodution of such a product and what CONSTITUTES TALENT in that area. Clear as mud now? We can only hope.

You'll probably recall me saying that I think that Dream Theatre sucks donkey dick, and that they make me want to vomit. Do you recall me saying that they are lacking in talent? I wouldn't even say that fucking Greenday is lacking in talent, for all I know, they could be fantastic musicians who simply play simple stuff cuz they like it.

Maybe the words of Neil Peart could demonstrate this for everyone: "There came a time in my life when I realized that there was a lot of music which I liked which wasn't very good [techinically], and there was a lot of music which was really good which I didn't like." The wisdom to make this differentiation is what I am saying.

Do I expect everyone here to have the intellect to grasp this? No, especially not in this forum, which dispite the common misconception is a pretty accurate representation of the world on the whole. But I felt the need to point it out, for those that do.


:Smug: though it is clear you misunderstood (either intentionally or unintentionally) some of my points, and most of your parroting was quite dull and unnecessary, I'll just say next time just make it clear instead of playing idiocy with these people.
when i first posted i said it was pretty good, but now im further into the song and im editing my post, and im saying that its VERY GOOD. but the only problem is that it sounds like mikael is singing. alot of the parts sound exactly like opeth riffs would sound. that doesnt mean its not good, but there's only ONE band that you could have gotten that sound from, so its not very original. but its still good!