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Oct 22, 2006
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this is a thread to discuss anything and everything about cars.

I have really started to take care of my acura TL recently spending 2 or 3 hours a week making it look perfect. I would be really interested in learning about cars in terms of mechanics however.

anyways, what do you guys think about tinted windows on a car? I think it can make a car look a lot more elegant/stylish

something like the above is just beautiful
when I was in armenia, women who drove cars were looked down upon (perceived as sluts or whatever)

same thing where you live?

edit: ukrainian (sp?) girls are very hot though, way better looking than armenian girls.
:err: you're funny, if you think that I'm ashamed or something. I just don't give a fuck.
I'm currently driving a 2003 Acura TL. We might end up buying a 2005 TL though which I would drive (my mom would drive the 03 tl)

I really want a sports car but that's not an option unfortunately with the winters here.
I can't believe you have never experienced the joy of driving, neurotica

I fucking LOVE driving down the highway late night going about a 100 with metal playing on the stereo.
My family has a car, but I'm not interested in this kind of stuff. I'd rather buy a good camera...

Metal?.. Since when Wu Tang is metal?
my family currently owns

- mazda minivan
- lexus es 300 (my sister)
- acura TL 3.2
- honda accord

the minivan is about to be sold as my dad is looking to get a much nicer car for himself.
Well, my dad drives bmw 525i.
Actually, I just don't see a big deal in it, seriously. I like helicopters much more than cars. Though I've never ever drove any.