The "I love Spawny" thread

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Apr 14, 2001

I received a great little package in the mail today!! WOW!! :) :)

How good is the Maiden - Paris '99 video???!!!! Great quality!

Anyway, I'll be able to dub them for you no problem at all because both my VCRs have NTSC playback and the one i copy to also has NTSC recording.

One problem: My TV doesn't play back NTSC lol. It does, but not this format of NTSC (4.43 NTSC or something). I'll copy them for myself anyway though to watch them at my grandparents house and mates houses and stuff because they will work on other TVs haha, just not mine. Anyway I've watched parts of them, and the quality seems like it is really good, and how tight do they play!!! (I can see some picture and hear it, but the picture is split into 3 on my TV)

Also: when I send them back... I'll copy you some other videos also... tell me which of these you want:

* Kiss - Sydney 22nd Nov 1980 (Pro-shot, BRILLIANT show... but very dodgy print of it, still worth seeing)
* Kiss - Melbourne 15th Feb 1997 (Pretty good quality... filmed the screen though)
* Kiss - Melbourne 4th April 2001 (A bit dodgy)
* Kiss - Melbourne 5th April 2001 (Very good quality, but the first song is from a different show for some reason)
* Kiss - Trenton NJ Oct 2000 (Pro-shot for PPV, 90 mins)
* Manowar - Belgium 1994 (Very good quality, muddy sound though, but whadya expect at their volume!)

* WASP - Live in London, 1984 (Their first official video, only 30 minutes but brilliant!)
* Skid Row - Roadkill (Excellent home video, has everything!)
* Warrant - DRFSR Live (First official video, cheesy but GREAT!)
* Anthrax - NFV (Excellent official live video)
* Anthrax - Through Time: POV (Video clips and live songs)

Plus I have lots of official Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Kiss, etc... you probably have most of them, but if you are interested... here are what I have of them anyway:
* Bon Jovi - Breakout, Access All Areas, Jersey The Videos, Keep The Faith The Videos, An Evening With Bon Jovi.
* Def Leppard - In The Round Live, Historia, Visualize
* Kiss - The Second Coming, Kiss My Ass, X-Treme Closeup, Konfidential

Once again... THANKS! I'll get right onto copying all these things, and try to send them back as soon as possible :)

Oh, and Blitzy... we have to organise for you to get copies too.
Haha, no worries Troops, Ill post whats on the cds when I get to work (I know none of them have a tracklisting).
Also, if you feel compelled to do so, fell free to put the actual labels on the tapes, im just too damn lazy to do it, and if id waited until I got around to doing it myself, you would have gotten it all in about 2003 :)
Im now at work :( But I can now give you the tracklistings :)

Ok, deep breath..........

Bon Jovi - We are not unused demos
Track Listing
1. Borderline (Slippery When Wet Outtake '86)
2. Edge Of A Broken Heart (Slippery When Wet Outtake '86)
3. Too Much Too Soon (Slippery When Wet Demo '86)
4. Game Of The Heart (Slippery When Wet Demo '86)
5. Lonely Is The Night (Slippery When Wet Demo '86)
6. Deep Cuts The Nite (Slippery When Wet Demo '86)
7. Love Is War (New Jersey Demo '88)
8. Lets Make It Baby (New Jersey Demo '88)
9. Judgement Day (New Jersey Demo '88)
10. River Of Love (New Jersey Demo '88)
11. Now And Forever (New Jersey Demo '88)
12. Growing Up The Hard Way (New Jersey Demo '88)
13. Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore (New Jersey Demo '88)
14. Rosie (New Jersey Demo '88)
15. Backdoor To Heaven (New Jersey Demo '88)
16. Love Hurts (New Jersey Demo '88)
17. Starting All Over (Keep The Faith Outtake '92)

Def Leppard - Best kept secrets

Track Listing
1. Truth (Original Heavy Version)
2. Work It Out (Vivian On Vocals)
3. Move With Me Slowly
4. Rock Rock, Til You Drop (Live)
5. Deliver Me (Live)
6. Slang (Live)
7. Another Hit & Run (Live)
8. All I Want Is Everything (Live)
9. Work It Out (Live)
10. Animal (Acoustic Live at the BBC)
11. Ziggy Stardust (Acoustic Live at the BBC)
12. Pour Some Sugar On Me (Acoustic Live at the BBC)
13. Cant Keep Away From The Flame
14. When Love & Hate Collide (String/Piano Version)
15. When Saturday Comes
16. Jimmy’s Theme
17. She’s Too Tough (Joe’s Demo)
18. Miss You In A Heartbeat (Phil’s Demo)
19. Tonight (Acoustic)
20. Little Wing (Acoustic)
21. You Cant Always Get What You Want (Acoustic)
22. Ziggy Stardust (Acoustic Live at the BBC)
23. Love & Affection (Live)
24. Elected (Live)
25. Billy’s Got A Gun (Live)
26. Animal (Extended Version)
27. Armageddonit (Remix)
28. Excitable (The Orgasmic Mix)
29. Pour Some Sugar On Me (Remix)
30. Rocket (The Lunar Mix)

Skid Row - Debut Demos

Track Listing
1. Makin' a Mess
2. Stranger
3. In It To Win
4. Knock Knock
5. 18 & Life
6. Sweet Little Sister
7. Piece Of Me
8. Shame Shame
9. Can't Stand The Heartache
10. Love Comes Down
11. Midnight/Tornado
12. Edge Of The Night
13. Rattlesnake Shake
14. Can't Wait
15. Midnight/Tornado
16. Rattlesnake Shake

Skid Row - Budokan, japan 1992

Track Listing
1. Slave To The Grind
2. Big Guns
3. Here I Am
4. Makin A Mess
5. 18 & Life
6. Piece Of Me
7. Riot Act
8. Psychotherapy
9. C'Mon & Love me
10. Wasted Time
11. Psycho Love
12. Mudkicker
13. Get The Fuck Out
14. Monkey Business
15. Holidays In The Sun
16. I Remember You
17. Youth Gone Wild

Skid Row Hollywood Bowl Brazil

Track Listing
1. Slave To The Grind
2. Big Guns
3. Here I Am
4. 18 & Life
5. Piece Of Me
6. Makin A Mess
7. Psychotherapy
8. Wasted Love
9. Psycho Love
10. Tornado
11. Mudkicker
12. Get The Fuck Out
13. Monkey Business
14. I Remember You
15. In A Darkened Room
16. Youth Gone Wild
(The crowd singing along on this bootleg is GREAT!!! :) )

Skid Row - Japan 1995

Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Slave To The Grind
3. Piece Of Me
4. Frozen
5. Here I Am
6. Face Against My Soul
7. Beat Yourself Blind
8. Psycho Therapy
9. 18 And Life
10. Psycho Love
11. Firesign
12. Riot Act
13. Eileen
14. Tornado/Mudkicker
15. Medicine Jar
16. Into Another
17. Monkey Business
18. Makin A Mess
19. Subhuman Race
20. My Enemy
21. I Remember You
22. Youth Gone Wild
23. Get The Fuck Out

I think that covers all the ones I sent, if i missed one, let me know!

Sorry the vids dont work on your telly! At least you can watch them on another tv though thankfully, and yes, they are EXTREMELY good live, I was very impressed :D

Also, could you copy the 2 best Iced Earth tapes onto those 4 blank vids I sent if you get the time? (So Ill have 2 copies each of the best quality tapes, am I making sense?)

Anyway, theres no rush in getting them back, take all the time you need :D

P.S. Do you like cinderella???, i know you are a bit partial to glam stuff, and Cinderella fall under that category for sure :) long is that?? The message I mean, smart arses :D
Haha :D Thanks Kemmy :D

Troops: Ive got all the Def Leppard and Bon Jovi official vids, Ive got most of the kiss ones too, I didnt send any tapes to copy the shows onto though for the other ones you mentioned, Ill try and send some this weekend if I've recovered from Slayer :)

Hows some of the titles for the bon jovi outtakes "deep cuts the nite", "lets make it baby", "lonely is the night", "love hurts", "growing up the hard way", "does anybody really fall in love anymore" Hahaha! Total GLAM!!! :)
Oh yeah, and what are the dates of the shows on the Fuji videos?? One of them sounds really old, like 92 :) :) Sounds like Greely singing.

And one of them must be the Alive In Athens show... sounds identical.
Spawny! Don't worry about sending more videos lol. I have videos here to put them onto :)

(You have to check out the extended guitar solos in Sleeping In The Fire on the WASP video!!! Haha it really excites me lol)

Oh and yep I love Cinderella!! I had a listen to that CD last night! It's cool! How good does Somebody Save Me sound! And the singer still has that same 80s ultra-glam voice hehehe.
Ok, are you sure about the videos? I dont mind sending some!

The Fuji one, if I remember correctly didnt have the dates of the shows, but I know its the second singer singing as they dont play anything after the stormrider album (been ages since I watched it, Im pretty sure I remember them doing stormrider stuff on it)
Yep thats the alive in athens show, its only a few songs, plus interviews, theres a better copy on one of the other tapes, it should have the label with it somewhere saying which one I think :)
Any of the tapes without labels were given to me that way, I do know a few shows are repeated on them, but seeing as there was rare stuff on them too (the old show for a start) I thought Id send them anyway. Theres supposedly a bit where Jon takes you through his house and everything, but Ive never found it, I think I got confused when i was watching them (I got like 6 tapes all at once) and missed it when I went onto the next tape, if you see it let me know!)

Cinderella rule! They do a great version of night songs on that cd as well!
Ummm i cant remember which were the 2 best...........erm........Im not much help am I?? Sorry!